"Has such been the revenge that he has been harboring up for so many years? And he has followed us these hundreds of miles for the purpose of striking the blow!" "The owld haythen assassinator! The bloodthirsty beast, the sneakin' dog, the dirthy jail-bird, the "

Gettridge is a social assassinator belongs to a regular Mafia of mischief-makers and old cats you know you used to care once." "Oh, I did, Morty, I did. It nearly broke my heart, and I just wanted to throw myself away become a trained nurse or go in for settlement work!" "Couldn't it ever be as it used to be?" "I should want all the bushings of phosphor bronze."

Gin you met this ganglin' assassinator, wha'd be for maister? San's no to lack a father. Gae to yer bit bed!" "Gosh!" said Bill, shutting the window, "he's in earnest. He forgot to try to talk English even. I feel better. The hog's fallen into a hole and gone to sleep. Let's go up." "I suppose if I tell Onnie San's with me, she'll just change to my door," Rawling considered; "but I'll try.

The husband again became composed and related what is already familiar to the reader. At its close, Teddy dashed into the house and brought out his rifle. "I'll murther that At-to-uck, be me sowl, and then I'll murther that haythen assassinator, an' iverybody that gits in me way. Be the powers of the saints and divils, but I'll murther somebody. May the divil roast me if I "