I observed as much delicacy as I could in communicating to him the usage we had received, but I obviously saw the detail gave him great pain. "I wad rather than a thousand merks," he said, "that I had been at hame! To misguide strangers, and forbye a', my ain natural cousin, that had showed me sic kindness I wad rather they had burned half the Lennox in their folly!

Forbye sic herrin's as are supplied by me, Tib MacLellan, at less than cost price as I houp your honour will no forget, when in the course o' natur' and the providence o' God you and her comes to hae a family atween ye." Sholto promised that he would not forget when the time alluded to arrived.

Thus confirmed, he lay meditating for a time, but it was soon made evident that his thoughts had not wandered far from the matter in hand. "Aye, sulphur's nae improvement to whusky," he slowly averred at length, "forbye, I was richt. I was richt frae a medeecinal standpoint, ye ken.

He's one o' the gang, but the poor soul's got several ribs broken, an' after lying out through the blizzard I'm thinking he's near his end. It's a long ride to the outpost, forbye we have no comforts. Maybe ye'll take him ay, I ken he's a robber, but ye cannot leave him to perish in the snow."

"Bewailing in my chamber thus alone, Despairing of all joy and remedy, Out wearied with my thought and woe begone, Unto the window gan I walk in haste, To see the world and folk that went forbye, As for the time though I of mirths food Might have no more, to look it did me good." Beneath the tower in which the Prince was imprisoned lay a beautiful garden.

They were seen fordin' Teviot at ten afore noon, but they're gaun round by Ewes Water, for they durstna try the Hermitage Slack. Forbye they move slow, for the bestial's heavy wark to drive. They shut up Wat in the auld peel, and he didna win free till bye midday. Syne he was off to Branksome, and the word frae Branksome is to raise a' Ettrick, Teviotdale, Ale Water, and the Muirs o' Esk.

Forbye, she canna tak' the besom to ye like yer ain wife the wife o' yer bosom, so to speak when ye hae been to the Black Bull. It's i' the natur' o' things that a man maun gang there by whiles; but on the ither haund it's richt that he should get a stap ta'en oot o' his bicker when he comes hame, an' some way or ither the best o' mithers haena gotten the richt way o't like a man's ain wife."

'Gin ye be no clean daft, Leddy Joanna, since naething else will serve ye, canna ye see that to strive with the Cardinal is the worst gait to win his favour with the King, gin that be what ye be set upon? 'There be others that can deal with the King, forbye the Cardinal, said Jean, tossing her head.

Forbye I ken weel the place, an' sae God wills, I can guide ye intill it by nicht as weel as ithers could by day." "I'm not the man to shirk the call to arms when the bugle sounds," remarked Tom Loker, "but I must say I've no stomach for this going before I'm sent. It's a sheer temptin' o' Providence, seems to me." "Hoot, mon," said Sandy, "what is to be, is to be.

"The father o' the bairns was a bad lot is still, I've no doot, if he's still living. He was wild before they were wed, but no so bad, sae far as we knew then. We were no so awfu' pleased wi' her choice, but we knew nothing bad enough aboot him to forbid her tak' him. He was a handsome lad, and a clever yin. Everyone liked him fine, forbye they distrusted him, too.