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"I've just begun to think, that it is rather an odd hour to enter upon an estate. The idea didn't occur to me before." "Besides," added he, "thar's another reezun. If Hick Holt's what he used to be, he ain't likely to be very nice about this time o' night. I hain't seen much o' him lately; but, I reckon, he's as fond o' drink as ever he war; an' 'tain't often he goes to his bed 'ithout a skinful.

"That guy would rather play with a rocket tube than do anything else in the universe!" "Yes," said Tom. "He's a real lucky guy." "How?" "Ever meet anyone that didn't love that big hick?" "Nope," said Roger with a sly grin. "And that goes for me too! But don't you ever tell him!" Major Connel had been waiting to see the Solar Alliance Delegate from Venus for three hours.

And out into the kitchen and here was Tillie, the maid, and Yetta, the cook, both saying it's queer, but they ain't heard a sound of 'em either, for near an hour. So I yelled out back to an old hick of a gardener that's deef, and he comes running; but he don't know a thing on earth about the kids or anything else. Then I am sick!

"Just like that Venusian hick to be ready to sacrifice himself to get a Solar Medal!" "Don't argue, Junior," snapped Astro. "I'm the only one strong enough to move one of those rocks. You two hide and I'll cover you." "Now wait a minute, Astro," Tom protested. "I didn't mean...." "You should have," replied Astro. "And if you don't get moving now, you'll never make it!"

"I could fly, maybe, but I don't like to risk it in this wind. It was bad enough this morning when I tried it." "Oh, this hick town 's going to be the death of us, all right and Riverport to-morrow, with a contract nice as pie, if we can only get there," groaned his manager, Dick George, a fat man with much muscle and more diamonds. "Listen to that crowd. Yelling for blood.

There's ways to commit suicide that's quicker and easier than running around in circles on the desert without water. I aim to play safe. You go down town and buy an extra water bag and some grub. And when we start we'll follow the railroad. Beat it and say! Don't go and load up with sandwiches like a town hick.

"I wish to see him." "Lookee hyur, stranger!" and the words were accompanied by a significant look; "ef yur the shariff, Hick Holt ain't at home ye understand me? he ain't at home." The last phrase was rendered more emphatic, by the speaker, as he uttered it, raising the flap of his blanket-coat, and exhibiting a huge bowie-knife stuck through the waistband of his trousers.

Nor is Hick Holt in such consate wi' his life eyther, that he's afeerd to risk it. Tho' ye air a stuck-up critter, I won't gi' ye the opportunity to 'kuse me o' foul play. Thur's grit in ye, I reck'n; and seein' that's made me change my mind." "What!"

Originally prepared for John Hick, Esq., C.E., of Bolton, and embodied by him in his lectures on "Self Help," delivered before the Holy Trinity Working Men's Association of that town, on the 18th and 20th March, 1862; the account having been kindly corrected by Mr. Nasmyth for the present publication.

I wonder if you've seen him around before, young Hammond?" "I beg pardon," says he, "but do you refer to Royce Hammond?" "That's the guy," says I. "Kind of a husky young hick, eh?" He stares at me cold and disapprovin'. "I am Royce Hammond!" says he. You could have bought me for a yesterday's rain check. "Wha-a-at!" says I, gawpin'. "You you are "