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"I want to be quite sure that you can stand hearing the best news that ever came to either of us," he said. "Joy never kills," she cried. "You have found her?" She could not bring herself to hope for the impossible. "Yes, Jane," he said, and his voice was husky with emotion; "I have found her, and HIM!" "Where is he? Where are they?" she demanded. "Out there at the edge of the jungle.

I like my freedom I " She stopped hysterical, overcome by the extraordinary circumstances, and the audience which listened and looked at her with hungry ears and eyes. Dick put out his arms as if to wave the crowd away. What were all these spectators doing here, looking on at his agony? He spoke in a hoarse and husky voice.

"I am sorry," I said to one of the firm, whom I first met, speaking in a husky, agitated voice, "to inform you that I shall not be able to lift my note that falls due to-day." His brows fell instantly. "I had made every arrangement to meet it," I continued, "and was to receive the money at one o'clock to-day, but was unexpectedly disappointed.

I could not believe I had heard aright. "She has seen the girl," continued Julia, in the same husky tone, which she could not compel to be clear and calm; "and she is convinced she is no adventuress. Johanna says the same. They tell me it is unreasonable and selfish in me to doom you to the dreadful loneliness I feel. If Aunt Dobrée asked me to pluck out my right eye just now, I could not refuse.

Perhaps these men had been watching them for some time, and knew there were only a couple of boys on the shanty-boat, so that it would be useless to call out as if several husky men constituted the crew.

"It was a purely personal affair. Moreover, he will not challenge me." "He has fought three duels," she said. "He is not a physical coward." Her dark eyes were full of dread. I hesitated. "Would you be vitally interested in the outcome of such an affair?" I asked. My voice was strangely husky. "Oh, how can you ask?" "I mean, on Rosemary's account," I stammered. "He he is her father, you see.

He tried to lead them in singing some ribald parody of Adventist hymns, but his terror and theirs was too genuine, and their voices died down into husky whispers, and they were more alarmed than ever at discovering the extent of their own demoralization. The bottle, one of those small-necked, big-bodied quart-bottles that Western topers carry in yellow-cotton handkerchiefs, was passed round.

Just how many more there were, could not be clearly made out by those on board the "Pollard," for some had undoubtedly crouched below the deck bulwarks. But one man among the mutineers possessed the rough courage to advance to the rail, shouting in a husky voice: "You go on your way, and mind your own business, Mr. Navy!"

"Sure," Billy went on without any diminution of his exasperating slowness. "What I want to tell you is that I'm after you. Not now, when the strike's on, but some time later I'm goin' to get you an' give you the beatin' of your life." Blanchard looked Billy over with new interest and measuring eyes that sparkled with appreciation. "You are a husky yourself," he said.

"No," said the husky voice of Matrena, "not even to my step-daughter." "Why?" demanded Rouletabille. "Because," replied Matrena, after a moment's hesitation, "there were already enough frightening things about the house. I would not have spoken to my daughter any more than I would have said a word to the general. Why add to the disquiet they already suffered so much, in case nothing developed?"