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Sprague hadn't shot the old fellow. "Yes, and last summer when Mr. Sperry was gone off to training, there was a bear came in the day time and tackled one of their hogs right in their own door yard; but Mrs. Sperry and the children screamed so awfully, and gave him such a tremendous clubbing, he was glad to put off into the woods again. "Ha! Ha!

The second evidence is the tacit and total neglect of the scientific question in all the departments in which it is not an employment question; as, for instance, the marriages of the princely, patrician, or merely plutocratic houses. I do not mean, of course, that no scientific men have rigidly tackled these, though I do not recall any cases.

One end of the plank still rested on the sloop, and Fairwell quickly placed the board in position again. By this time the Baxters were crawling out of the lake. Sam caught hold of Dan while Tom tackled the father. With a heavy boathook in his hand Randy Fairwell now ran ashore, followed by Ruff. "You had better give up the fight," said Fairwell to Arnold Baxter.

This was a poser, but Jock tackled it bravely. "Whom he did foreknow he also did predestinate to-to-" he got so far and stuck. "To what?" asked Jean. "To be reformed," Jock hazarded, wallowing in difficulties. "Conformed," corrected Jean. "You don't know that one at all! What is Saving Grace?" Jock fell down entirely on saving grace. "It's a It's a " he began.

Finn chose a good-sized pool, and Warrigal tackled it with him; but when two youngsters of the pack ventured to approach the other side of that pool, Warrigal snarled at them so fiercely, backed by a low, gurgling growl from Finn, that the two slunk off, and tackled a lesser pool by themselves. Where the pack drank they rested.

And yet, read Brassey, Dilke, and those "Naval Annuals", and see what mountains of apathy and conceit have had to be tackled. It's not the people's fault. We've been safe so long, and grown so rich, that we've forgotten what we owe it to. But there's no excuse for those blockheads of statesmen, as they call themselves, who are paid to see things as they are.

Harris failed to gain through Claflin's left tackle and Brimfield was penalised fifteen yards for holding. On a criss-cross against left tackle Harris was tackled for a loss and Norton then punted to Whittemore and the latter ran the ball back fifteen yards before he was stopped. On a try through Hall the Blue's full-back failed to gain.

When Edison saw the inside of that library and was told he could read any or all of the books, he said, "If you please, Mister, I'll begin here." And he tackled the first shelf, mentally deciding that he would go through the books ten feet at a time.

He had learned astronomy from a Norwegian sailor, as they lay on the deck of a Pacific transport night after night in the southern seas. He had even tackled literature during his six months in hospital, when he had plowed through all the books the wards provided from Dante's "Inferno" to "Dere Mable." Soon after his talk with Miss Enid he decided to call upon Mr. Chester, not because Mr.

Thus cozened, as it were, into eating, Miss Beale tackled the egg, and Theydon was glad to note that she made a fairly good meal, being probably unaware of her hunger until the means of sating it presented itself. But she missed no word of his story, and when he made an end, put some shrewd questions.