Then he surveyed his handiwork an instant to make sure that it was symmetrical, straightened it just a shade with his battledore of charred wood, and passed it over to the carrier, who bore it off to be baked. "Why do they use so much charred wood for the shaping?" inquired Jean.

Yes, an iceberg, which has chosen just now to turn head over heels. In turning, it struck the Halbrane and carried it off just as a battledore catches a shuttlecock, and now here we are, stranded at certainly one hundred feet above the level of the Antarctic Sea.” Could one have imagined a more terrible conclusion to the adventurous voyage of the Halbrane?

"We must have another game of battledore and shuttlecock on the lawn after dinner," said Fanny, "you seem to like that, and on one side it will be pleasant and shady." Norman finding that Fanny had not complained of the way he had treated her garden, became more amiable and agreed to her proposal.

Give him a boar to stab, and a pigeon to shoot at, a battledore or an angling rod, and he is better contented than Solomon in all his glory, and will never discover, like that sapient sovereign, that all is vanity and vexation of spirit. His courtiers in general have rather a barbaric appearance, and differ little in the character of their physiognomies from the most savage nations.

It was an unusual occasion, one that called for a special dispensation in the way of late hours, so it was almost nine when we turned in and dreamed of armies of rhinos playing battledore and shuttlecock with our bulging forms. It was a great dinner, and to be on the safe side we complimented the cook before we went to bed.

Your fellow-servant has a blessed time on't that ever you saw. I make her play at shuttlecock with me, and she is the veriest bungler at it ever you saw. Then am I ready to beat her with the battledore, and grow so peevish as I grow sick, that I'll undertake she wishes there were no steel in England.

Hallo! why there's Ball Hughes driving the chocolate-colored coach, and got up like a regular jarvey. Devilish rich, y'know call him 'The Golden Ball' deuce of a fellow! Pitch and toss, or whist at five pound points, damme! Won small fortune from Petersham at battledore and shuttlecock, played all night too." "And have you lost to him also?" "Of course?" "Do you ever win?"

"And by whom," quoth my Lady Battledore, "were you so chastised?" "I will tell you," returned Fra Alberto.

Louis and his sister now played battledore and other games after dinner, in an outer room, their aunt sitting by with her book or work. Clery sat down with his book, and the children made all the noise they could with their play, that Clery might speak to the princess unheard by the guard.

"I will carry you out, and hide you in a bush, where Fanny cannot find you," he muttered. Then he thought that he must take out a battledore and shuttlecock and play with it, or what he proposed doing would be suspected. He went to the cabinet, and opening it, there he saw on an upper shelf the very knife with which he had made the hole in his football.