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That's my army. Sort of rag-jacketed cadets, we are, small potatoes, and few in a hill." The teacher rose and laid a hand on his arm. He turned toward her. The lamplight shone upon her face, and he saw, to his astonishment, that there were tears in her eyes. "Cap'n Whittaker," she said, "will you take an other recruit? I should like to enlist, please." "You? Oh, pshaw! I'm thick-headed to-night.

"I know that, friend," said Will, "but are we headed for the shore?" "That depends on the shore you want to find. It's my opinion that if you young folks keep on just as your boat is headed, you'll strike Europe if you have good luck." "Pshaw!" exclaimed the apothecary, "we can't be that much out of the way." "Try it and see."

Tom hung back. "Don't you want to see the brig from Barbadoes? She's a beauty. There's a schooner from Baltimore, too, at the Rock Landing. You won't? Then let's go over to Widewilt's Island. Well, they whipped a man this morning and he's in the pillory now, down by the market. Let's go look at him. Pshaw! what's the use of books!

Hagar asked, and her shriveled hand smoothed caressingly the silken hair, as she looked into the glowing face of the young girl, and half guessed what was written there. To Theo Maggie had whispered the words, "I am engaged," and Theo had coldly answered: "Pshaw! Grandma will quickly break that up. Why, Henry Warner is comparatively poor! Mr.

That's why they calls him the hermit, 'cause he lives alone an' hates everybody." "All except Meggy, here," interposed the old man, a look of pride in his eyes as he gazed at his daughter. "He likes her fust rate. She says it's 'cause she takes him grub an' good things to eat. But I know better." "Pshaw, Dad," cried the girl, flushing with embarrassment.

"Pshaw!" answered Adam, "I am too old to have my head turned by any maiden of them all. I know my Lord of Morton will go as far for a buxom lass as anyone; but what the devil took him to Halifax all the way? and if he has got a gamester there, what hath she to do with my head?" "Much, much!" answered Michael. "By my faith, a shrewd device," said Woodcock; "heaven keep us free on't!"

"I wish you'd do some shirking, John, like the rest of us." "Jesus Christ never shirked, Rege." "Pshaw! You're so ridiculous!" and Reginald walked discontentedly away. "Here, John, John, I say," he called, when the time came for him to return to College, "go catch and saddle Sultan for me. You're so fond of work, you might as well have two masters.

"Very likely," answered Finot, "if Bianchon has any hand in their theories." "Pshaw!" said Lousteau; "he will be a great physician anyhow." "Isn't d'Arthez their visible head?" asked Nathan, "a little youngster that is going to swallow all of us up." "He is a genius!" cried Lucien. "Genius, is he! Well, give me a glass of sherry!" said Claude Vignon, smiling.

"Pshaw" answered De Walton, "is Aymer de Valence governor of this castle, or am I? or to whom do you imagine you are responsible for answering such questions as I may put to you?"

"Oh, signora, the steward is to meet me at twelve o'clock, to arrange that matter." And with these words he took his leave. "I ought to have followed him," thought Lucretia, "to solve this agreeable riddle, by making acquaintance with my steward. But pshaw! I shall soon know all about it. Nobody has made me these presents without intending to get a word of thanks for the benefaction."