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As a matter of mere finance, we are told by the Vice-President of the Council, that the assumption of the quite partial responsibility for the education of the children now taught in the elementary schools of the denominational bodies of the country, would mean an addition of some millions yearly to the rates.

John's, Harbour Grace, and Carbonear. The towns in Newfoundland are not large. Its sectarian schools and the strong denominational feeling between the churches so greatly divide the people that united efforts for the Kingdom of God were extremely rare before the war. Even now there is no Y.M.C.A. or Y.W.C.A. in the Colony.

"The transformation from the old denominational education to the new undenominational education was in point of fact due to an antitheological and even in some of its manifestations anti-religious movement.

While the institution is in no sense denominational, we have a department known as the Phelps Hall Bible Training School, in which a number of students are prepared for the ministry and other forms of Christian work, especially work in the country districts.

On the Education Act, Sir Henry's platform was the consolidation of a system of secular education and the withdrawal of all grants in aid of denominational schools. Here, as on the Land Act, he had held other views in other times; but in this instance he caught the direction of the wind correctly and sailed before it triumphantly.

T. Flint's History and Geography of the Mississippi Valley ; J. Hall's Letters from the West and Statistics of the West ; early numbers of the American Almanacs; Peter Cartwright's The Backwoods Preacher ; Alfred Brunson's A Western Pioneer ; and the various denominational histories supply the needful social background for an understanding of the West.

In the ordinary work of the school the children were not to be divided on denominational lines, and the schools were to remain public schools in every sense. The settlement was accepted generally in the country as a reasonable ending of the strife as the best that could be done in the circumstances.

"I never knew a man so fixed upon doing what he considered his duty." Soon after he had taken his chair at the War Office, Lord Kitchener received a call from Mr. Lloyd George. The politician had come to urge the appointment of denominational chaplains for all the various sects represented in the British Army.

That quilt was attacked with a spirit that was worth at least a half column in the denominational weekly, while the sound of the conflict might almost have been heard as far as Widow Mulhall's garden where Denny was cheerily digging away, with his one good side, while the useless, crippled arm swung from the twisted shoulder.

They go up and down the States, exhorting, advising, and stimulating the people, and the fruits of their work are present on every hand. The South has a superabundance of colleges. Some of them have honorable records; others represent faith and hope or denominational zeal rather than accomplishment.

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