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"If the statue had stood on the ground now carried away, it must have fallen at once into the water and have sunk to the bottom any child can see that other powers have been at work here." "Very likely," said a temple-servant who devoted himself to the interpretation of signs: "The gods may have overset the proud image to give a warning token to Hadrian."

It was in fact Hadrian, the Roman Emperor, who walked on in silence before his escort, and it seemed as though his advent had given life to the desert, for as he approached the reed-swamp, the kites flew up in the air, and from behind a sand-hill on the edge of the broader road which Hadrian had avoided, came two men in priestly robes.

In this hour Hadrian thought of none but his evil deeds, and vowed to the gods whom he mocked at with his philosophical friends, and to whom he nevertheless addressed himself whenever he felt the insufficiency of his own strength and means to build a temple here, to offer a sacrifice there, in order to expiate old crimes and divert their malice.

He's ready to murder me again! Mr. Hadrian! if you stand by and see it, you're liable to the law, sir I won't get up while he's near." No persuasion could induce Benson to try his legs while his executioner stood by. Adrian took Richard aside: "You've almost killed the poor devil, Ricky. You must be satisfied with that. Look at his face." "The coward bobbed while I struck" said Richard.

Barbaric bands made their fastness upon the Acropolis, and the tomb of Hadrian became a fortress that warred across the ruins of Rome against the Colosseum.... Had all that possibility of reaction ended so certainly in 1940? Is it all so very far away even now? 'It seems far enough away now, said Edith Haydon. 'But forty years ago?

What may not the new year bring in its course?" Hadrian sighed deeply, but Antinous went close up to him, fell on his knees before him and asked in a tone of childlike humility: "May I, a poor foolish lad, teach a great and wise man how to enrich his life with six happy months?" The Emperor smiled, as though he knew what was coming, but his favorite felt encouraged to proceed.

He hated, he abhorred himself, and asked himself why the fire which had blazed around him had been satisfied only to inflict slight injuries on his hands and hair. When Hadrian returned to him he asked his permission to go to bed. The Emperor gladly granted it, ordered Mastor to watch by his side, and then agreed to his wife's request that he would visit her.

Lucullus carried here the gorgeous luxury and extravagance of his city life; here Augustus and Hadrian had their palaces erected on vast piers thrown out into the sea, whose waters still murmur over their remains; while Cicero built here his Puteolanum, delightfully situated on the coast, and surrounded by a shady grove, which he called his Academy, in imitation of Plato, and where he composed his "Academia" and "De Fato."

When the architect, after begging him not to let Pollux know of the incident, told him of what had occurred in the screened-off studio, and how angry the young Roman lady had been at the caricature, which was certainly very offensive, Hadrian rubbed his hands and laughed aloud with delight.

Pontius interrupted the conversation; he remained with his sister some time longer discussing with her and with Eumenes the new building to be done at her country house; then he and the bishop left at the same time and Pontius proceeded to the scene of the fire by the harbor and in the old palace. Pontius did not find the Emperor at Lochias, for Hadrian had moved at mid-day to the Caesareum.

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