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Then the great influx of European travellers and residents has done not a little to enrich the people in various ways, though at times the labour thus required has been very grudgingly given, as it has withdrawn them from their homes when their own work was urgent.

So I try to make the light in others' eyes my sun, the music in others' ears my symphony, the smile on others' lips my happiness. Would that I could enrich this sketch with the names of all those who have ministered to my happiness! Some of them would be found written in our literature and dear to the hearts of many, while others would be wholly unknown to most of my readers.

There were also those their activity took the form of letters to the newspapers who desired to utilize the artistic capacity of the Celt, and to enrich the world with beautiful fabrics and carpentry. They, too, were workers in the cause of the revival.

She had established in the house the utmost order and discipline, and, above all, an extreme economy. The constant aim of all her efforts was to enrich, not herself, but the community she directed; for the spirit of association, when become a collective egotism, gives to corporations the faults and vices of an individual.

You might begin now to learn true friendship, and get rid of what is really a sickly thing. It might hurt it probably would at first. But none of us human beings need be the mere creatures of our feelings. Our true and lasting happiness always depends upon refusing any such slavery. If you do achieve a wholesome and true friendship it may enrich your whole future life.

And the question of questions now is: What part of that exploded Past, the ruins and dust of which still darken all the air, will continually gravitate back to us; be reshaped, transformed, readapted, that so, in new figures, under new conditions, it may enrich and nourish us again?

Over our wine after dinner, when we two dined alone together, much as Agathemer and I had when I was my former self, he unbosomed himself to me. "Pertinax is right," he averred, "there is a real difference between enterprises which enrich only the participants and those which, while profiting their promoters, also add to the wealth of the Republic. I applaud his distinction between the two.

I ought to be at the office now; but I did so want to make one last appeal to you. Anyway, Mr. Gard, your cheque will go to enrich the Metropolitan purchase fund." "That's no concern of mine," Gard laughed. "You can't make me the donor, you know. How is Dorothy to change the subject!" "What she always is," the boy beamed, "the best and sweetest. My, but I'm glad she is back! And Mrs.

His party for he was but the nominal chief of a faction, 'tanquam unus ex nobis' was the party in possession the office-holders' party; the spoilsmen, whose purpose was to rob the exchequer and to enrich themselves. His minions for the favourites were called by no other name were even more hated, because less despised than the King.

And they, the absentees, were only seven against seventy or more, who were experienced in all the crafts and devices by which mines have been dug at the expense of the many and then made to enrich the few. It was late at night when the fellow-travellers reached Denver. McCrea was depressed and silent, Geordie eager to push ahead.