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I was somewhat comforted by the aspect of my fellow-travellers at the surrounding tables. Dank, dishevelled, dismal, they seemed to be resenting as much as I the return to the dear home-land. I suppose it was the contrast between them and him that made me stare so hard at the large young man who was standing on the threshold and surveying the scene.

As we seated ourselves I gave vent to a sigh of relief, believing that my fellow-travellers having expressed their approval of my behaviour of the morning the affair was now at an end.

Speak quickly, for there is yet time for me to select other fellow-travellers." "No, no, your majesty," said Rosenberg gayly, "I will go whither you go, and share your privations!" "Here I stay, to live and die at your majesty's side!" cried Coronini, with comic fervor. The emperor nodded. "Thank you both, my friends; I had counted upon you, and would have regretted your refusal to go with me.

She did not know what the other occupants said to her as she entered, though she answered them; and when they had started anew she rode along with an inward and not an outward eye. One among her fellow-travellers addressed her more pointedly than any had spoken before: "Why, you be quite a posy! And such roses in early June!"

She would tell her aunt what had happened; and she would make George Bertram understand in a few and as kind words as might be, that under the present circumstances it would be better that they should not be thrown into the very close intercourse necessary for fellow-travellers in the East.

The train in which we were travelling, of course, was wholly occupied by Germans. I found it impossible to secure a seat owing to the crowded character of the carriages, and as misfortune would have it I was compelled to stand until I reached my destination. Naturally being thrown among so many of the enemy I was regarded with a strange interest by my fellow-travellers.

Heads were thrust through the windows, wraps and hand-bags passed out to the shadowy, mysterious porters who received them in a silence born of the godless hour and the penetrating, chilling dampness of the atmosphere. In the carriage fifth or sixth from the engine the three fellow-travellers greeted the arrival in the orthodox way.

He was full of sound information, and overflowed with anecdote in fact, his way of telling a story was inimitable. He had a fund of wit, which seemed almost inexhaustible. My fellow-travellers left me at Mr. Galt's house, near Burlington Heights, where, after taking some refreshment, I again proceeded on my journey, and ultimately reached Guelph on the afternoon of the second day.

He rose next morning by day-break, and disturbed his fellow-travellers in such a noisy and clamorous manner, that Peregrine determined to punish him with some new infliction, and, while he put on his clothes, actually formed the plan of promoting a duel between him and the doctor, in the management of which, he promised himself store of entertainment, from the behaviour of both.

By the time I had taken leave of my fellow-travellers and had gathered my luggage together, it was night. "So much the better," I said getting into a cab. "I shall see for the first time a Dutch city by night; this must indeed be a novel spectacle." In fact, Bismarck, when at Rotterdam, wrote to his wife that at night he saw "phantoms on the roofs."

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