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How should he stand as judge between Mistress Winthrop towards whom, as we have seen, he had a kindness and his wife, whom he hated, yet towards whom he would not be disloyal? He wished the subject dropped, since, did he ask the obvious question in what my Lady Ostermore could have been the cause of Hortensia's flight he would provoke, he knew, a storm of censure from his wife.

We have the private receipt-book of John Winthrop, a gathering of choice receipts given to him in manuscript by one Stafford, of England. These receipts have been printed in the Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society for the year 1862, with delightful notes by Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, and are of the same nature as those in the Queen's Closet.

"Come, my girl," he said gently; "Winthrop is waiting for you. Your mother would have been very happy to-day, as happy as I am." And he led her to the parlor door; then he went away, and left them alone together. To Louise, it had seemed as if the world had suddenly been created anew that spring.

Winthrop suggested that there might be a "Felix" to qualify it, and so in this case it turned out. Mrs. Grundy asserted that such a thing had never been done, that it was a very dangerous precedent, etc., but in the end the weight of a Maid of Honor and a Foreign Minister prevailed, and we saw everything to much greater advantage than if we had 150 persons following on, as Mr.

"And if any one dare to intimate that it is not mocha I shall challenge him immediately," said Winthrop. "You will have to use a worse threat than that," said Mrs. Markham. "I understand that at your last duel you hit a negro plowing in a cornfield fifty yards from your antagonist." "And scared the negro's mule half to death," added Raymond. "But in your cause, Mrs.

"Isn't it wonderful?" she breathed, as they ate their luncheon. "This life in the open the pure clean air the magnificent world all spread out before you, beckoning you on, and on, and on. It makes a person strong with just the feel of living the joy of it. Just think, Winthrop, of being able to eat left-over biscuits and cold bacon and enjoy it!"

When Winthrop, and the other wise men of Massachusetts, heard of it, they were disquieted, being afraid that Endicott’s act would bring great trouble upon himself and them. An account of the matter was carried to King Charles; but he was then so much engrossed by dissensions with his people, that he had no leisure to punish the offender.

And tell the boys they will get five shillings each extra in the morning. I'll be down in another twenty minâtes or so. Go on, Winthrop, loop!" Mr. Winthrop, who was as excited as Mallard himself, "looped," and the editor returned to the dining-room with a galley-proof slip in his hand. Every one, of coarse, saw by his face that something had occurred. "I won't sit down again, Mrs.

But as their towns were second to Boston, they themselves were overtopped in influence by Winthrop and Cotton, Dudley and Wilson. In the compact community of Massachusetts Bay, ideas as well as cattle found accommodation difficult.

The handclasp was apparently satisfactory to that official, for he murmured "Thank you," and stuck something in the lining of his helmet. "Now, then!" Winthrop said briskly to Miss Forbes, "I think we have done all we can. And we'll get away from this place a little faster than the law allows."

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