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The savants of the older nations were, in general, quite as incredulous and as set in their opposition to Cosmo Versal's extraordinary out- givings as those of America. They decried his science and denounced his predictions as the work of a fool or a madman.

It is because of this necessity that I am compelled to speak once more of the extreme excitement which the news of that shocking series of crimes created in France, in Europe and throughout the civilized world. The public heard of four murders practically all at once, for the particulars of Cosmo Mornington's will were published two days later.

No honest heart indeed could be near Cosmo long and not love him for the one reason that humanity was in him so largely developed.

The story was of a king's ship so disguising herself that a pirate took her for a merchant-man; and Cosmo, to whom it naturally recalled the Old Captain, made some remark about him. "You mustn't believe," said his father, "all they told you when a boy about that uncle of ours. No doubt he was a rough sailor fellow, but I do not believe there was any ground for calling him a pirate.

She did not know that she was wishing for nothing more, and something a little less, than the kingdom of heaven the very thing she thought the laird and Cosmo so strange for troubling their heads about. If men's wishes are not always for what the kingdom of heaven would bring them, their miseries at least are all for the lack of that kingdom.

So much difference was there between the position and requirements of an educated and opulent first-citizen, and a low-born military parvenu, whom, however, Cosmo was most earnest to encourage and to strengthen in his designs against the liberties of Lombardy.

It was not always that Cosmo did not know what the suggestion MIGHT mean, but that he could not believe Jermyn meant that; and perceiving this, the doctor would make haste to alter the shadow into something definitely unobjectionable.

Cosmo was not particularly fond of school, and he was particularly fond of holidays; hence his father's resolve that he should go to school no more, seemed to him the promise of an endless joy. The very sun seemed swelling in his heart as he walked home with his father.

" But never mind! here goes for a clean stable and a good dinner." "How do you know your dinner will be good?" "Because I am so ready for it." "If you're so sharp set, I don't mind letting you have a snack before you go further," said his employer. "No, thank you, sir," replied Cosmo; "I am too self-indulgent to enjoy my food before I have finished my work."

"There's the Cevennes Mountains, which approach a good long way toward the Pyrenees. Are you sure the depth of water is the same everywhere?" "What a question for an old mariner to ask!" returned Cosmo. "Don't you know that the level of the sea is the same everywhere? The flood doesn't make any difference. It seeks its level like any other water."

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