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Meeting a policeman, he asked him if there had any families moved in the bounds of his beat during the week. He answered, 'Yes, and, pointing to a building up an alley, said, 'a woman and some children are living there now. "The missionary went to the house, rapped at the door, and was admitted. The woman was sitting by a small light, sewing.

She bade the older girls don heavy boots, and gave them further instructions. By this time the horsemen had reached the gate. Their leader was the redoubtable Justice Sharpe. He rode up to the door, and rapped with the but of his riding-whip. Mother threw up the window overhead. "Who's there? and what do you want?" she demanded.

Five strapping damsels so, at least, their petticoats bespoke them, in spite of an awful freedom in the flourish of their legs joined hands, and danced around him, inviting him by their gestures to perform a hornpipe in the midst. Released from these gay persecutors, a clown in motley rapped him on the back with a blown bladder, in which a handful of dried peas rattled horribly.

A shadowy figure uprose, and vaguely I made it out for that of a man in the unobtrusive blue serge which is the undress uniform of the Force. "Well?" rapped my companion. "Mr. Slattin returned ten minutes ago, sir," reported the constable. "He came in a cab which he dismissed " "He has not left again?"

The lady looked up at him in surprise, but did not answer. "In Heaven's name, what has that to do with the loss of the diamonds?" rapped out the Prince, his hot temper getting once more the better of him. Cadbury Taylor spread out his hands and shrugged his shoulders in protest at the interruption. He spoke with deference, but nevertheless there was a touch of reproach in his tone.

He flashed the pawn broker a quick glance. Abrahamson leaned over and rapped with his knuckles on the door to the porch. It opened, admitting two policemen in uniform. "I took the liberty, chief," Braceway apologized, "of requesting them to be here. I knew you'd want them to do the right thing, and promptly." Greenleaf gulped, nodded acquiescence.

He didn't suppose, he said, the United States would stand the expense of fetching witnesses way from California, transportation and per diem would cost more than the whole business was worth. and the judge advocate was wishing himself well out of it when, on a sunny Friday morning, the third day of the court, the president rapped for order and the big roomful of spectators was hushed to respectful silence.

The other night I awoke with the awfulest pain you ever heard of. It was that night that you give me and my chum the bottle of pickled oysters that had begun to work. Well, I could't sleep, and I thought I would call the hired girls, and they got up and got breakfast to going, and then I rapped on Pa's and Ma's door and told them the breakfast was getting cold, and they got up and came down.

"My Massy liked him, but one day he played a trick on him. "My Uncle took sick, he was so sick that when my Massy came to see him, he asked him to pray that he should die. So Massy Hoover, he went home and wrapped himself up in a big long sheet and rapped on the door real hard. "Uncle, he say, 'who's out there? What you want? "Massy, he change his voice and say, 'I am Death.

"Fiddlesticks!" retorted the lady, "the timbre is quite different! Bellward, I believe you're in love! Don't tell me you've been running after that hank of hair that Mortimer is so devoted to!" She glanced in Mortimer's direction, but that gentleman was engaged in earnest conversation with Behrend and the tall man. "Whom do you meant" asked Desmond. "Where are your eyes, man?" rapped out Mrs.