And Roddy's story on its face, it damns Morley! Withers had no motive except, a remote possibility, that of jealousy. Morley's motive was as old as time; the desperate need of money." "Well, let's grant that, for the moment. What do you do with the evidence against the negro? He was after money." Braceway laughed. "To tell the truth," he admitted, "I don't do anything with it.

He felt that he had sponsored and developed the lame man as a detective. "Thanks. Before I go, I want to have a talk with you. We might as well go over everything once more and " "That reminds me. I was just about to call you up, but your news made me forget. I've a wire from Braceway, just got it. He filed it at Salisbury, on his way here.

His voice failed him altogether. Braceway, a perplexed look in his eyes, studied him uneasily. "The silhouette was quite plain. There was the clear-cut shadow of him from the waist up. It was so plain that I could see he was wearing a cap. I could see the visor of it, you know; a long visor. He was a well-built man, good shoulders, and so on. "As I got to my feet, the lights were turned off.

The detective wrote on a slip of paper: S. S. Braceway, Willard Hotel. He handed it to Abrahamson. "Wire me that address, collect," he directed. Abrahamson promised, smiling. He was pleased with the idea of helping to solve the problem which convulsed Furmville. "Oh," added Braceway, "another thing.

Braceway returned to the hotel to await a report from either Major Ross or Delaney. Delaney came into the lobby and joined him. They went straight to Braceway's room. "We caught the five o'clock in Baltimore and got here a little before six," the big man started his story. "One of the men from headquarters stepped up to him and arrested him.

The recital of his story had weakened him. His legs were a little unsteady. Braceway took him by the arm, and they started down the steps. "Will I see you again this afternoon?" Bristow called to the Atlanta detective. "I rather think so," Braceway threw back over his shoulder. "As soon as I've had lunch I want to talk to Abrahamson. Chief Greenleaf seems to have neglected him."

"Yas, suh, boss; an' dat was de truth nothin' but de truth, boss. Gawd knows " Braceway took from his pocket a crisp, new one-dollar bill and smoothed it out on his knee. "Now, listen to me, Roddy," he said, this time unsmiling. "Mr. Keene has just told me he wouldn't fire you, even if you did go to sleep Monday night.

Braceway: When you asked me about the make-up, I was thinking of something else and was not quite clear as to what you were saying or what you wanted to know. I remember now that, on one occasion, I did have a part as a man who wore a beard in a play given by my college dramatic club. However, I don't remember enough about it to pass as an expert on such make-ups. "Yours truly, "Henry Morley."

He was convinced that Braceway, in coming to Washington, had looked forward to securing a confirmation of Withers' story. Now, instead of corroboration, he got only a flat and unshaken contradiction. Braceway waved his hand carelessly, relinquishing the post of questioner. Bristow took command again. "What did you do after you saw the second man?" "At first, I sat still.

He clapped his felt hat to his head and started toward the door. "You can bet your last dollar on that! I'm going to get one, and he'll be here tomorrow if telegrams can bring him. I'll have Sam Braceway, the cleverest fellow in this business in the South, here tomorrow! I intend to have punishment for the devil who killed my wife. Punishment! the worst kind!"