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Alarmed at this inquiry, I went down, when the questioner had gone, to find out what was the matter, and learned that the praetor's lictor, whose duty it was to see that the names of strangers were entered in his rolls, had seen two people come into the inn, whose names were not yet entered, and that was the reason he had made inquiry as to their names and means of support.

"Did you ever set eyes on such a fine family?" she demanded as she stepped aside from her nest and let them peer into it. "A brood of chicks eh?" said the lady in white. "Well, what's all the noise about?" Henrietta Hen turned her back on her questioner. "I knew you'd all want to have a look at these prize youngsters," she said to the rest of the company.

"What have you got?" Laramie paused. After a moment he turned his eyes on his questioner: "No hand. This is not my game." "Make it your game and your game in this country is made. Doubleday and Dan Pettigrew want you. They're the men that run this country what do you say?" "The men that run this country can't run me." Van Horn, in spite of his assurance, felt the blow. But he put on a front.

There is a brass carronade trained on the hatch to sweep you to kingdom come. So listen!" Several voices shouted up inquiries, but one, shrill and insistent, rose clearly above the others. "What's happening? What yer going to do with us?" I thought I located the questioner among the jumbled mass below, and with my eyes on him, answered for all his mates.

For several tense seconds the lad gazed at his questioner. Finally his gaze shifted to the hills. "I guess you're straight," he said presently. "I guess she wouldn't have you for a relation if you wasn't straight." The elder man laughed. "That's right she wouldn't, young man." "How's the sheriff guy?" asked the boy. "He's getting along well enough. What made you ask?"

Maharbal and Hannibal-the-Fighter made a clucking sound of assent; Hasdrubal and the other guests seemed indifferent, but the Capuans were hanging on Marcia's words. "Because the time is not ripe " she began. "Words!" cried her questioner, cutting off her speech; "I asked, why?" Frightened at his vehemence, but put to it of necessity, she answered:

Just as the bell was ringing for assembly, the paper was torn down by Trail, the head of the Remove, who ripped it up into fifty pieces, and in answer to Gull's inquiry what he did that for, replied, "I'll jolly soon show you!" in such a menacing tone that the questioner saw fit to turn on his heel and walk away with an alacrity of movement not altogether due to any particular eagerness to commence work.

Allerdyke, like all true Yorkshiremen, had been born into the world with a double portion of caution and a triple one of reserve, and instead of answering the question he took a leisurely look at the questioner.

"You haven't answered my question, Mr. Glassdale," he observed. "Can you give any information?" Glassdale threw his questioner a significant glance. "Whatever information I might give," he said, "I'd only give to a principal the principal. From what I've seen and known of all this, there's more in it than is on the surface. I can tell something.

"Yes, sir, I have been nervous lately." "And they don't let you go out at such times?" "Why, I no, I may not go out at such times." "But the doctor takes you with him sometimes the doctor or Gyuri?" asked the detective. "Yes." "I haven't had him out with me for weeks," interrupted the attendant. He seemed particularly anxious to have the "for weeks" clearly heard by this inconvenient questioner.

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