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I know that this hinted conspiracy against your father is a trumped-up lie to lure you to the coppice." "And for what purpose, pray?" "An evil one, your abduction. Shall I tell you who penned that note, and who awaits you? The Marquis Cesar de St. Auban." She shuddered as I pronounced the name, then, looking me straight between the eyes "How come you to know these things?" she inquired.

Near the middle of this sustained pause in the grand symphony of Parisian uproar, which occurs about one o'clock in the morning, the wife of Monsieur Cesar Birotteau, a perfumer established near the Place Vendome, was startled from her sleep by a frightful dream. She had seen her double.

For, like Dumas pere, Balzac was never able to square the debit side of his books be his income never so great. The author of Cesar Birotteau and Le Maison Nucingen here allows one more view of the seamy side of business. Structurally, too, the play is successful. With so great an element of chance in the schemes of the speculator, it would have been easy to transcend the limits of the probable.

As he watched the smiling, attentive face of Keller and the motions of his head, Birotteau said to himself, "He is listening; I interest him; I shall get my credit!" Adolphe Keller was laughing at Cesar, just as Cesar had laughed at Molineux.

The Cervonis, if not handsome men, were good sturdy flesh and blood. But this extraordinarily lean and livid youth seemed to have no more blood in him than a snail. "Some cursed witch must have stolen my brother's child from the cradle and put that spawn of a starved devil in its place," Dominic would say to me. "Look at him! Just look at him!" To look at Cesar was not pleasant.

Carried away by the fervor of youth, electrified by his intercourse with the Georges, the Billardiere, Montauran, Bauvan, Longuy, Manda, Bernier, du Guenic, and the Fontaines, Cesar flung himself into the conspiracy by which the royalists and the terrorists combined on the 13th Vendemiaire against the expiring Convention.

Birotteau took the lease to repair the mistake. The architect came in at this moment, and bowed to the perfumer, looking about him with a diplomatic air. "Monsieur," he whispered to Cesar presently, "you can easily understand that the first steps in a profession are difficult; you said you were satisfied with me, and it would oblige me very much if you would pay me my commission."

Lo Alexander and Cesar, the fabled heroes of antiquity, to what lengths did passion hurry them? Ambition, with look sublime, bade them on, bade them grasp at universal dominion, and wade to empire through seas of blood! But why need I confine myself to these?

Then it was, that, having apparently noticed the title of my book, M. César Prévost had used the language above quoted, and with such empressement of manner, that my attention was diverted from his wares to himself. I looked at him with some curiosity.

Our dear old Cesar must have been surprised by the load he had to carry home, but Elizabeth and I decided that a "bird in the hand is worth two in the bush," and one never could tell what astonishing "order" to-morrow might bring forth. How H. laughed when he saw us driving up the avenue. "I didn't think you'd take me so literally," said he.

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