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My mind was the seat of strange contradictions. As the day advanced and I began to realise that I, Elwood Ranelagh, easy-going man of the world, but with traditions of respectable living on both sides of my house and a list of friends of which any man might be proud, was in a place of detention on the awful charge of murder, I found that my keenest torment arose from the fact that I was shut off from the instant knowledge of what was going on in the house where all my thoughts, my fears, and shall I say it, latent hopes were centred.

The detention of their train lasted some time longer, and presently the talk about Mormonism was renewed. It was Alma who began it, by asking if a Mormon's first wife was always willing that he should take a second. "Oh, no, no!" Zoe exclaimed; "how could she be?" "No," said Edward; "but she is considered very wicked if she refuses her consent, or even ventures upon a remonstrance.

One resolution ordered the detention, at a valuation, of the arms of those soldiers who should refuse to re-enlist, although they were private property, and but ill adapted to military purposes; another, offered two dollars to every recruit who would supply himself with a blanket; a third, ordered the purchase of any cloths which could be procured, without regard to colour, to be delivered to the soldiers, after deducting the price from their pay; and a fourth, required the soldiers to furnish their own arms, or to pay for the use of those which might be supplied by the government.

She has, say, two assistants, each carefully trained to a certain work; each understanding that in the event of the detention of the leader one of them will be called on to teach the class, each pledging herself to notify the other of necessary absences. Don't you see that it will rarely, if ever, happen that one of the three cannot be at her post?

"This gentleman requests me to ask you," said Baisemeaux, "if you are aware of the cause of your imprisonment?" "No, monsieur," said the young man, unaffectedly, "I am not." "That is hardly possible," said Aramis, carried away by his feelings in spite of himself; "if you were really ignorant of the cause of your detention, you would be furious."

The acquaintance resulted in a thorough depletion of the wardrobes of the captured gentlemen. In Virginia, Mr. Cadwallader and Mr. Fitzpatrick, of The Herald, and Mr. Crounse, of The Times, were captured by Mosby, and liberated after a brief detention and a complete relief of every thing portable and valuable, down to their vests and pantaloons.

'Surely, sir, it has been my desire for the last two months and more. 'Then, John, thou shalt be. But mind one thing, not a word of thy long detention, or thou mayst get into trouble. 'How, sir?

Egan did not respond; but in July 1887 he brought an action against his landlady to recover £100 sterling for her "detention of his goods," and her "conversion of the same to her own use "! The case was heard by the Recorder at Kilmainham, and the facts which I have briefly recited were established by the evidence.

The man's conduct had appeared void of all criminal intent. The boy seemed to shun Oswald himself, through some unaccountable aversion. Probably the policeman's zeal had caused a serious blunder. The little fellow's strange scare, with hasty, ill-advised official action, resulted in arrest and possible detention of this harmless old gentleman. Oswald paused to reflect.

Lord Windermear then took me aside, and I narrated what had happened. He recollected the story of Fleta in my narrative of my life, and felt that I was right in trying to find out who the lady was. The magistrate now apologised for the detention, but explained to his lordship how I had before made my appearance upon another charge, and with a low bow we were dismissed.

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