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Later in the afternoon I saw Fräulein Antoinette in the shop looking at silks and laces. Hoping to improve the opportunity, I approached her, and was received with a serene and gracious smile. Near Antoinette were the saucy brown eyes and the bedimpled mouth. Truly they were exquisitely beautiful in combination, and, old as I was, I could not keep my eyes from them.

Then we are going to Fieberbrunn in Tyrol, and this year we shall stay in a hotel, so I am awfully pleased. Hella had a splendid time there last year. July 2nd. My goodness, to-day I have . . . ., no, I can't write it plain out. In the middle of the Physics lesson, during revision, when I was not thinking of anything in particular, Fraulein N. came in with a paper to be signed.

With this, Herr Dapsul von Zabelthau took up a small file and began filing away with it at the ring. But scarcely had he passed it once or twice backwards and forwards when Fräulein Aennchen cried aloud in pain, "Papa, papa, you're filing my finger off!" And actually there was dark thick blood coming oozing from under the ring.

But, dear Fraulein, that is a big matter; have you well thought?" "Thought, Barbi? Have I not!" "But, dear Fraulein, will you be rich?" "No! I shall be as poor as you." "Ach! dear God! that is terrible. Katrina, my sister, she is married; she tells me all her life; she tells me it is very hard, and but for the money in her stocking it would be harder. Dear Fraulein, think again! And is he good?

Look out! Fraulein's weather eye is turned this way. "I think it's the tea we're going to this afternoon that's distracting me," Blue Bonnet confessed, when Fraulein had removed the weather eye. "I can't seem to get it out of my mind. I know we're going to have a perfectly wonderful time. I wish you were going, Wee." "Yes it would be lovely. I suppose Annabel has borrowed everything in sight.

"On that point we are better off than the poor reserve forces," remarked Herr von Pechlar, not addressing himself to the speaker, but to Frau and Fraulein Ellrich. "We regular officers pull together like old friends in danger and in death, while the others come among us unknown. I imagine that must be very uncomfortable." Wilhelm felt that he had no answer to make, and a silence ensued.

"There was a banana peel where my heel happened to be and I wasn't half scrapping. I could see you weren't yourself." "Indeed no! Would I," he struck himself gloomily upon the breast, "would I intrude upon a young Fräulein, and attack her protector? It was that bottle that last bottle.... I knew at the time.... I offer you my apology. I can do no more unless you would have satisfaction no?"

"A lovely day," said Madame Staubach, "through the Lord's favour to us." "Has the fraulein been out?" asked Peter. "No; I have not been out," said Linda, almost savagely. "I will go and leave you together," said Madame Staubach, getting up from her chair. "No, aunt, no," said Linda. "Don't go away; pray, do not go away."

Princess Amelia called Fraulein Marshal to her side. She took her hand with a kindly smile. "My child," she said, "I rejoice that you have the courage to defy these shameless coxcombs. Go on, and count upon my protection. Why are you not dancing?" "Because no one has asked me." At this moment an officer drew near with diligent haste, apparently to lead her to the dance.

The following afternoon, at an hour when Maurice was safely out of the way, Krafft climbed the stair to the house in the BRUDERSTRASSE. The landlady did not know him. Yes, Fraulein was at home, she said; but Krafft promptly entered, and himself closed the door. Outside Louise's room, he listened, with bent head. Having satisfied himself, he turned the handle of the door and went in.

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