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A. In the case of ocean vessels, it is found that paddle vessels fitted with the ordinary radial wheels, and screw vessels fitted with the ordinary screw, are about equally efficient in calms and in fair or beam winds with light and medium immersions.

The radial nerve supplies branches to the three heads of the triceps brachii, to the common and lateral extensors of the digit and also to the skin covering the forearm. Etiology and Occurrence. Nothing definite is known about the cause of some forms of radial paralysis.

The action of paddle wheels, whether radial or feathering, will be more fully described in the chapter on Steam Navigation. Q. What are the principal varieties of screw engines? A. The engines employed for the propulsion of screw vessels are divided into two great classes, geared engines and direct acting engines; and each of these classes again has many varieties.

We give this week an engraving of a radial drilling machine designed especially for the use of boiler-makers, this machine, together with the plate bending rolls, forming portion of a plant constructed for Messrs. Beesley and Sons, boiler makers, of Barrow-in-Furness.

Arterio-sclerosis also interferes with the natural arrest of hæmorrhage, and by rendering the vessels brittle, makes it difficult to secure them by ligature. In advanced cases the accessible arteries such as the radial, the temporal or the femoral may be felt as firm, tortuous cords, which are sometimes so hard that they have been aptly compared to "pipe-stems."

There are two chief types, the longitudinal and the radial; but since these may exist either in plan or in elevation, four possibilities result: the longitudinal-horizontal, as in an aisle; the longitudinal-vertical, as in a tower; the radial-horizontal, illustrated by every equilateral plan triangle, square, regular polygon, and above all, the most perfect form of this type, the circle; and finally, the radial-vertical, of which domed spaces, like the Pantheon or St.

But the extraordinary feat performed at the Lick Observatory of measuring the radial motion of 1830 Groombridge, a star quite invisible to the naked eye, and showing that it is approaching our system with a speed of between fifty and sixty miles a second, may lead us to hope for a speedy solution of this question. But we need not await this result in order to reach very probable conclusions.

Even a rotary motion could not be established in it, except by an impulse received from without; for there is every reason to believe, that the movement of a homogeneous fluid towards its centre, if it could take place without disturbing causes, would be in radial lines, and not in a spiral.

However, radial paralysis is encountered following injury to the nerve occasioned by its being stretched, as in cases where the triceps brachii is unduly extended in restraining subjects by means of a casting harness.

Perhaps the most effective of these is the Wimshurst, which we illustrate in figure 10, where PP are two circular glass plates which rotate in opposite directions on turning the handle. On the outer rim of each is cemented a row of radial slips of metal at equal intervals.

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