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Mormon or not, Shefford, I'll admit this: a good man, strong with his body, and learned in ways with his hands, with some knowledge of medicine, can better the condition of these Indians. But just as soon as he begins to preach his religion, then his influence wanes. That's natural. These heathen have their ideals, their gods." "Which the white man should leave them!" replied Shefford, feelingly.

Our journey was one full of events interesting to us, but not of sufficient importance to relate to the public. While on the journey I sold most of my cattle on time to an old man, a friend of Stewart's took his notes, and let him keep them, which, as the sequel shows, was fortunate for me. We arrived at Far West, the then headquarters of the Mormon Church, about the 4th day of June, 1838.

That the Mormon Battalion did not always rigidly obey orders is shown in another story detailed by Roberts: "While the Battalion was at Santa Fe, Colonel Cooke ordered Lot Smith to guard a Mexican corral, and, having a company of United States cavalry camped by, he told Lot if the men came to steal the poles to bayonet them.

And finally, this train was rich, very rich in cattle, horses, mules and other property and how could the Mormons consistently keep up their coveted resemblance to the Israelitish tribes and not seize the "spoil" of an enemy when the Lord had so manifestly "delivered it into their hand?" Wherefore, according to Mrs. C. V. Waite's entertaining book, "The Mormon Prophet," it transpired that

Nursers and watchers, Gentile and Mormon, volunteer their services in hoops and rare wines are sent to me from all over the city, which, if I can't drink, the venerable and excellent Thomas can, easy. I lay there in this wild, broiling way for nearly two weeks, when one morning I woke up with my head clear and an immense plaster on my stomach.

One circumstance, however, attracted particularly our attention; it was, that, rich or poor, the Mormon planters had superior cattle and horses, and that they had invariably stored up in their granaries or barns the last year's crop of everything that would keep.

"And was executed for it?" asked Christine, while she shuddered with horror." "No," said Edward; "he was promoted by the Mormon priesthood to a higher place in the church, as one who had done a praiseworthy deed." "Murder a praiseworthy deed!" they cried in astonishment and indignation. "How could that be?" "They have a doctrine that they call 'blood-atonement," replied Edward.

Her drooping head straightened, and the large eyes, larger now and darker, met Venters's with a clear, steadfast gaze in which he read truth. It verified his own conviction. "Never knew? That's strange! Are you a Mormon?" "No." "Is Oldring a Mormon?" "No." "Do you care for him?" "Yes. I hate his men his life sometimes I almost hate him!"

I will here submit to my readers a letter directed to Mr. Courtenay in 1842, by a superior officer of the United States artillery. France, or Prussia. What does this mean? Why this exact discipline of the Mormon corps? Do they intend to conquer Missouri, Illinois, Mexico?

2 Jesse N. Smith, E. Ariz. and Snowflake 4 David K. Udall. St. Johns 6 Andrew Kimball, St. Extension Toward Mexico Dan W. Jones' Great Exploring Trip The honor of leading Mormon pioneering in south-central Arizona lies with Daniel W. Jones, a sturdy character, strong in the faith. He had been in the Mexican war, in 1847, as a Missouri volunteer, and had remained in Mexico till 1850.