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One of them stopped to tie the string of his shoe, and, looking down, Van Landing saw Noodles. With a swift movement he reached down to grab him, but, thinking it was a cop, the boy was up and gone with a flash and in half a moment was out of sight. As swiftly as the boy Van Landing ran down the street and turned the corner he had seen the boy turn.

On our return from the bank, after a few more games of chess, we had an early dinner and retired to a much needed rest, in our bedroom adjoining the celebrated sitting-room, but I couldn't get the case out of my head, and inquired: "Say, Holmes, old boy, how was it you didn't grab Launcelot first instead of last, when you got all the evidence at once?"

Well, we had no objection to that; it seemed fair enough, especially to Edward, who promptly proceeded to "grab" the armour-man who stood leaning on his shield at the lady's right hand. A dainty and delicate armour-man this! And I confess, though I knew it was all right and fair and orderly, I felt a slight pang when he passed out of my reach into Edward's possession.

The horses settled down to the life in a wonderful fashion, and through the splendid attention of the troops appeared not a whit the worse for the first three weeks at sea. With the increasing heat and the lack of exercise some of them were growing a little short-tempered; and men, passing along the front of a line of boxes, had to be prepared for a horse occasionally making a grab at him.

As he spoke he leaped forward, followed by the others. "Surrender! We've got you surrounded!" yelled the assistant keeper. "It's all over but the shouting!" and as he made a grab for one of the men the moving picture machine began clicking. "Hands up!" ordered Mr. Wilton. "At 'em, boys!" called the other government man, as he and Blake and Joe leaped to the attack together.

Patty was forbidden to chase or touch him at these times, but always felt a strong desire to have just one grab at him and see how he felt.

"Grab the painter!" he told Edith as he gained upon it; she obeyed his orders with prompt dexterity. "You can always depend on old Skeezics," Maurice told himself, with a friendly look at her. He had forgotten Eleanor's behavior, and was trying to suppress his grins at the forlorn and dripping people, who were on land now, shivering, and talking with astonishing loudness.

"But you set the course by the stars, sahib?" "Oh, yes; the grab must have been going slower than we imagined." "The wind has not shifted?" "Very little. I have had to tack several times." The man grunted, and looked at Desmond, frowning suspiciously, but Desmond met his glance boldly, and said, as he left to go below: "Be sure and have me called the moment you sight land."

Uncle Wiggily got safely past the tent, but the dogs were almost up to him now. One of them was just going to catch him by his left hind leg, when one of the Gypsy men cried out: "Grab him, Biter! Grab him! We'll have rabbit potpie for dinner; that's what we'll have!" Wasn't that a perfectly dreadful way to talk about our Uncle Wiggily? But just wait, if you please.

We're tied up, by grab, with more whereases and wherefores, and the parties of the first part, and so on, than you'd find in a book of law; and the boys all found out from what he did to me that he had us euchered at every turn. I thought I could fool him by covering up the hole " "Oh, did you do that!" burst out Billy reproachfully, "and I made Dusty Rhodes apologize!"

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