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It would be just as easy for me to believe that all the watches and jewelry at Tiffany's were the result of fortuitous causes as to believe that the world as we find it has no mind back of it." Mother smiled with satisfaction, for she saw that he still stood just where she did, only his horizon had widened.

"Send the lot with the hats and dresses," said I. And when she widened her eyes and gasped, I assured her that I knew her income better than she did. Anything she cared to have in the way of pretty clothes she could afford. Strange to say, even then she didn't seem comfortable.

He could hear movement, and voices that were very low and indistinct. Carefully he dug out once more the little hole in the snow wall, and widened the slit. Breault and Tavish were asleep, but Porter was sitting up, and close beside him sat the girl. Her coiled hair was loosened, and fallen over her shoulders.

Below the fierce rapids the current was still swift, but there were places where the stream widened, and here the scenery was very fine, although the leaves looked more or less parched on account of the scarcity of rain during the summer that was passing. An hour later, and they saw signs of smoke below. "The boys have arrived ahead of us," said Mr.

Again and again she felt as if she must fall; but the bitter scorn and loathing that Snoqualmie's touch had kindled gave her strength, and at last she completed the ascent. Above the falls and close to them, she sat down upon a rock; a slight, drooping figure, whose dejected pose told of a broken heart. Before her, almost at her feet, the pent-up river was widened to a vast flood.

To have moved the feelings and widened the knowledge of thousands by such delicate, such marvellous, such conscientious work as hers there is an achievement so great, so masterly, that I for one will throw no stones at her!"

His work is ingenious, learned, and suggestive, but in his day the facts of ancient mythology were insufficiently known. +865+. In the next century the study of Sanskrit and Old Persian widened the field of knowledge, the science of Indo-European grammar was created, and on this followed attempts at the construction of an Indo-European mythology.

And he felt all the weight of hidden and heartbreaking perils with which his spiritual faring forth must of necessity be hedged. At the corner of California and Montgomery streets he met the tide of nine-o'clock commuters surging toward the insurance offices and banks. His widened vision suddenly contracted. Middle class!

He lifted the axe on high and brought it down on the top of the chest with a blow which made the little room echo. He was a powerful man, and the axe was imbedded to its haft. He worked it out of the tough wood and planted another blow, which widened the rift and made the stout old chest creak like a falling tree.

And virgin valleys, where future generations were to be born, spread out and narrowed again, valleys with a deep carpet of cane and grass, where the deer and elk and bear fed unmolested. It was perchance the next evening that my eyes fell upon a sight which is one of the wonders of my boyish memories. The trail slipped to the edge of a precipice, and at our feet the valley widened.