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He noticed that hot words were constantly exchanged at the enrolling desk, over would-be members, but not understanding the exact nature of the qualifications needed, he could not follow the disputes. Finally these ceased, for want of applicants. "Misther Stirling," said Dennis, coming up to him hurriedly. "Will yez be afther bein' chairman for us?" "No.

his Peter X Connell. mark. Witness present, Cornelius O'Flaherty, Philomath. June the 4th, 18 I certify that I have made and calculated this oath for Misther Pettier Connell, Merchant, and that it is strictly and arithmetically proper and correct. "Cornelius O'Flaherty, Philomath. "Dated this Mh day of June, 18 ." "I think, Misther O'Flaherty, it's a dacent oath as it stands.

"An' Misther Magrath," he replied, once more repeating the survey of his puckered laws; "is it by way of information that you tould me that? That I mayn't sin, but you should be ever and always employed in carryin' coals to, Newcastle. Troth, since you have broached\the thing, I've known it this good while, and no one could tell you more about it, if I liked.

Whin I first read the paper that speaks of it, it seemed the simplest thing in the worruld to come here and put me fut on it; but now that Oi'm here, and have seen the place, by me sowl I can't see or understand how Oi'm to go about it. And no more can anny of the rest of us. So the long and the short of it is, misther, that you'll have to find the place for us."

He jumped to his feet and walked about the room. “I’m something of a detective myself, and you’ll see I’ll make good on this job if it takes twenty years.” “Oh, Billy, doplease do,” Maida burst in. “It will make Granny so happy.” Granny seemed happier already. She dried her tears. “’Tis the good b’y ye are, Misther Billy,” she said gratefully. “Yes, m’m,” said Billy.

Put down two tumblers for me at home." "How is that, Misther Connell? It's mysterious, if you're about to swear against liquor!" "I am. Put down, as I said, two tumblers for me at home Are they down?" "They are down but" "Asy! very good! Put down two more for me at Dan's. Let me see! two more; behind the garden. Well! put down one at Father Mulcahy's; two more at, Frank M'Carrol's of Kilclay.

My son had his name on a card, but a lawyer in Limerick said the name hadn't got in. I forget it now. D'ye know anybody, Sorr, of the name of Lancashire that's a great friend o' Misther Gladstone, an' that lives in Birmingham, an' that didn't get in?" These Irish peasants ask more questions than anybody can answer.

"That's all, so far, but I can get more. Buckner likes me." The old man's passing amusement was gone, and his indignation returned with full force. "P'r'aps ye can git th' likin's iv a man who says me Misther Robert's wife ain't his wife, but 'twill be healthier f'r ye if ye gits th' likin's iv Misther Robert himself.

"Oh, more power to you, Andy!" cried his mother in delight: "it's you that is the boy, and the best child that ever was! Half his property, you tell me, Misther Lavery?" added she, getting distant and polite the moment she found herself mother to a rich man, and curtailing her familiarity with a poor one like Lavery.

"Why thin what a quare thing entirely a watch is," the other continued; "now what makes you hould it to your ear, Misther Denis, if you plase?"

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