"Is it possible," thought Jack, "that he is so werry partic'lar he can't eat his turtle raw! Will he, indeed, venture to light a fire, or has he the means?" Mulford was so particular, however, he did venture to light a fire, and he had the means.

He was werry shabbily dressed, and he looked for all the world like the picturs I've seen of Shakspeare's "lean and hungry Cashier." It allers looks suspicious for a customer to drop his curting afore you bring him the oysters arterwards it's all perfectly proper, in course. Afore the stew was ready, he would call out "Waiter! crackers!"

"The werry same!" returned Dummie. The dame turned in her chair and refilled her pipe. It was evident from her manner that Mr. Dunnaker's suggestion had made an impression on her. But she recognized two doubts as to its feasibility: one, whether the gentleman proposed would be adequate to the task; the other, whether he would be willing to undertake it.

I gave her money, but got nothing from her save more incoherent lies and self-contradictions about the time of the funeral. 'Point out the spot where she used to stand and beg. No, don't stand on it yourself, but point it out. 'This is the werry spot. She used to hold out her matches like this 'ere, my darter used, an' say texes out o' the Bible. She loved beggin', pore dear!

‘Tom!’ exclaimed Parsons, after a few minutes’ consideration, ‘just put the horse in, will you?—Tell the gentleman that I shall be there almost as soon as you are,’ he continued, addressing the sheriff-officer’s Mercury. ‘Werry well,’ replied that important functionary; adding, in a confidential manner, ‘I’d adwise the gen’lm’n’s friends to settle.

Jorrocks's, I may just say that I have got some more of the same quality left, at from forty-two to forty-eight shillings a dozen, also some good stout draught port, at ten and sixpence a gallon some ditto werry superior at fifteen; also foreign and British spirits, and Dutch liqueurs, rich and rare." The conclusion of the vintner's address was drowned in shouts of laughter. Mr.

Abel put your legs down! throw that cigar away!" The great man came in. His clothes were snuffy and baggy so was his face. "Good-mornin', Mr. Newt. Beautiful mornin'. I sez to ma this mornin', ma, sez I, I should like to go to the country to-day, sez I. Go 'long; pa! sez she. Werry well, sez I, I'll go 'long if you'll go too. Ma she laughed; she know'd I wasn't in earnest.

He's werry shy about it, is the Cappen, an' wouldn't for the world say a word if he thought any one was near; but when he thinks he's alone with Antoine that's our guide, you know he sometimes lets fly a broadside o' French that well-nigh takes my breath away."

On the following night Esther felt unwell, and "was a swelling wisibly before the werry eyes" of her alarmed family. Reports like thunder peeled through her chamber, under a serene sky.

"'Now, sais missus, 'Sorrow, it's werry genteel to travel wid one's own cook; but it is werry ongenteel when de cook can't do nuffin' super-superior; for bad cooks is plenty eberywhere widout travellin' wid 'em. It brings disgrace. "'Exactly, Missus, sais I, 'when you and me was up to de president's plantation, his cook was makin' plum pudden, he was.