I gave her money, but got nothing from her save more incoherent lies and self-contradictions about the time of the funeral. 'Point out the spot where she used to stand and beg. No, don't stand on it yourself, but point it out. 'This is the werry spot. She used to hold out her matches like this 'ere, my darter used, an' say texes out o' the Bible. She loved beggin', pore dear!

Twitt irreverently. "They talks a lot they talks yer 'ed off but they doos onny 'arf the labour as they spends in waggin' their tongues. An' for a hepitaph, they none of 'em aint got an idee. It's allus Scripter texes with 'em, they aint got no 'riginality.

"But," said she tremulously, "suppose your sin was not of your own seeking?" He shook his head. "I cannot split hairs on that burning query," he said. "I have walked hundreds of miles this past summer, painting these texes on every wall, gate, and stile the length and breadth of this district. I leave their application to the hearts of the people who read 'em."

Goats, as I said afore, will kindly rise and step out!" "We ain't no blooming quitters," spoke up Billy Dutton. "Goats, nothing, you wall-eyed old ram! You want to cinch all the texes for yesself, and make a running with our lovely president.

Bible texes is goin' out o' fashion it's best to 'ave somethin' orig'nal an' for originality I don't think I can be beat in these parts. I'll do ye yer hepitaph with pleasure!" "That will be kind!" And Helmsley smiled a little sadly "What will you say of me when I'm gone?" Twitt looked at him thoughtfully, with his head very much on one side.

"All the more credit to you, then, Jim, if you keep your temper under such provocation," I answered soothingly, "and you show yourself by far the better man of the two. You know the Bible says, 'Greater is he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city." "Well, Miss Amy," he said, "I guess it ain't no such rememberin' nor Bible texes that keeps me cool. It's lots of other things.

Mister Schoolmaster Moon, with y'r forehead wrinkled with teachin', With y'r face full o' larnin', a plaster stuck on y'r cheek-bone, Say, do y'r children mind ye, and larn their psalm and their texes?

"darlin Kirry how is the mackral this saison and is the millin doing middling and I wonder is the hens all layin and is the grace gone out of the mares leg yet and how is the owl man and is he still playin hang with the texes. When she had finished the letter, she turned it over in her fingers, and gave another patient little sigh. "You didn't read it as it was spelled, Philip," she said.

He's knowing it when he's saying his bits of prayers atop of the bed in the gable loft: 'God bless mother and grandmother, maybe there's never no 'father' in his little texes. And he's knowing it when he's growing up to a lump of a lad and going for a trade, and the beast of life is getting the grip of him.

"Wot sort of a surprise hexactly?" asked the vice president with an expression of some doubt. "Putting up mottoes wound the walls," returned Daisy, "and green branches and palm leaves and texes and Merry Christmas, like grandpapa's in Devonshire, when I was a little tiny winy girl.