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"Damn them motors!" muttered the chorus, fiercely. "If so be the motor 'ad gone on, Tom couldn't never 'ave caught up with it, even if he'd run till he dropped," went on the farmer "but as luck would 'ave it, the thing broke down nigh to Blue Anchor, and Tom got his chance. Which he took. And he killed this Lord Wrotham, whoever he is, stuck him in the throat with a knife as though he were a pig!"

To have many guests and motors and horses for hunting, and to have big shooting parties all that is an expense not to be thought of. It amuses us more to go to Rome, so we prefer to save for nine months in order to live well the other three."

Certain it is that when motors began to drench the countryside in dust and suppress reflexion by providing our afterthoughts with transport, Dalmatians disappeared. Silently, imperceptibly, putting down their paws with all the old fastidious grace, they crept out of a world that had betrayed aristocracy. Only Fido remained to die of a broken heart.

This was off the beat of the motors, away from the new "estates," at the end of a grassy road bordered by gray birches. The ample old house he remembered very well with its square central chimney and stretch of outbuildings that joined the yellow barn. At his knock a broad-shouldered, smiling woman came to the door, and after a moment's hesitation exclaimed: "Why, Vick, can it be you?"

"It is possible even probable," he said, "but if she did, I take it she has been deceived and walked into a trap. If we can find that car we shall be on the right road." When we set out on this quest in one of the motors at Whiteladies we had considerable success. The car had taken the direct road to London. We heard of it at an inn on the outskirts of Beading.

But we'll go inside and see about the crazy man, and also how the machinery is. I want to fix the motors so that if any one meddles with them no damage will be done." It took some little time to adjust the machinery, and then the travelers took from their supplies some personal belongings, which they wished to have with them. "Now to see to that crazy machinist," said Mr.

And he who in our time sings the romance of Homer's Greece cannot expect to sing it so well as Homer did, nor will he be singing about us or our romance at all. A machine age is something quite different from an heroic age. What is true of rapid-fire guns, stock-exchanges, and electric motors, cannot possibly be true of hand-flung javelins and whirring chariot wheels. Kipling knows this.

High-stepping horses or elaborately equipped motors waited to carry these ladies into vague metropolitan distances, whence they returned, still more wan from the weight of their sables, to be sucked back into the stifling inertia of the hotel routine.

Louisa had ended with a very disturbing sentence: "I feel as if I can't bear my life!" that was what Louisa had written. The minutes dragged by, and Anna, staring out into the now deserted Close deserted, save for a number of carriages and motors which were waiting by the little gate leading into the Cathedral enclosure became very worried and impatient.

And of summer evenings, when motors hurry through the late twilight, and the great houses take on airs of inscrutable expectation, I go owling out through the dusk; and wandering toward the West, lose my way in unknown streets an unknown City of revels.

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