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"You must not talk like that! You must not! You don't know that he's dead. He may be on the way home now, for all you know. No! no!" she added, pressing the blue silk back into the owner's hands, "I won't take it! I just won't! You just cheer up, and wait a little longer, dear, and who knows but you may hear any day that he's coming?" She was growing radiantly hopeful.

There was no tenderness in the sad old eyes and no lines of yielding in the stern old mouth; for although her heart was aching to say yes to the mother's insistent demands for her son's happiness, her common sense had turned her into a very rock of resistance. "I am happy, radiantly happy."

'Where there is a miller there is a mill. For Ubi Petrus ibi Ecclesia. He was thinking of many things. He smiled at me like a man grown young again, and, beckoning me to follow, led radiantly up the sluice to where it drew from the river. Here three men were at work digging a better entry for the water.

She was filled with sorrow about herself: it seemed as though the gate of mercy could never open to her; and while in deep penitence she acknowledged this, a beam, of light shot radiantly down into the depths to her, with a greater force than that of the sunbeam which melts the snow man the boys have built up; and quicker than the snow-flake melts, and becomes a drop of water that falls on the warm lips of a child, the stony form of Ingé was changed to mist, and a little bird soared with the speed of lightning upward into the world of men.

Madame Carré looked at him as if she wondered how he appeared when he was calm and how, as a dramatic artist, he expressed that condition. "Yes, yes, something splendid, for a beginning," Peter answered radiantly, recklessly; feeling now only that he would say anything and do anything to please her. He spent on the spot, in imagination, his last penny.

He wandered up and down wringing his hands, and crying out at intervals like a man in mortal agony. Helen lay in a stupor while the fever burned her young life away. She muttered constantly the word "Colin;" and Tallisker, though he had no hope that Colin would ever reach his sister, wrote for the young laird. Just before the last she became clearly, almost radiantly conscious.

"We haven't had a chance to try it on anybody yet," said Hinpoha, "except Antha. We really and truly didn't want her here this summer at all until Katherine said she would be an opportunity instead of a nuisance." Here Nyoda smiled radiantly in Katherine's direction in the darkness. What a faculty that girl had for seeing possibilities, whether in wooden Indians or spoiled children!

But, by this time, the hat business was moving so rapidly that she had even less time to worry over anything still remote, like the thesis plenty of time to think of that; now, she was dreaming of how the rose would look blooming radiantly from this soft bed of violet straw;... and, now, how becoming to Aunt Nettie would be this misty green, with cool-looking leaves and wired silver gauze very pure and bright like angels' wings dear Aunt Nettie didn't have much "taste," and Missy indulged in a certain righteous glow in thus providing her with a really becoming, artistic hat.

So she went her way more at ease, more nearly content again with herself and with her system of living. Indeed, as she was shown into the private office of the ingenious interpreter of the law, there was not a hint of any trouble beneath the bright mask of her beauty, radiantly smiling. Harris regarded his client with an appreciative eye, as he bowed in greeting, and invited her to a seat.

"What Raffles would have answered no one knows. He had no chance to reply, for at that moment Marjorie herself put her radiantly lovely little head in at the door with a 'May I come in? and a moment later she was gathered in Holmes's arms, and the happy lovers received the Reverend James Tattersby's blessing.