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So Thad, quite satisfied, left the shady tree under which the prisoner had stretched his hairy form, and returned to the vicinity of the fire. Here he busied himself for a little while, fixing things so that there would be no necessity for any one attending the camp-fire during several hours at least; indeed, the big back log would doubtless last until morning, smouldering hour after hour.

Delville had thrown herself down by the side of the child and was opening its mouth. 'Oh, you're killing her! cried Mrs. Bent. 'Where's the Doctor? Leave her alone! Mrs. Delville made no reply for a minute, but busied herself with the child. 'Now the caustic, and hold a lamp behind my shoulder. Will you do as you are told? The acid-bottle, if you don't know what I mean, she said.

Goodrich turned away and busied himself about other matters, and I devoted myself to deep study. The contents of the bag proved as blank and unsuggestive as ever. The most exhaustive examination of its chain, its clasp and its thousands of links gave me not the tiniest thread or shred of any sort.

They all busied themselves in lighting another; they shook their heads, saying that it was not a good sign when the light went out beside a corpse. The wake commenced. Coupeau had gone to lie down, not to sleep, said he, but to think; and five minutes afterwards he was snoring.

On the 2nd of May 1880, I make a white mark on the thorax of ten Mason-bees busied with various tasks: some are exploring the slabs of clay in order to select a site; others are brick-laying; others are garnering stores. When the mark is dry, I catch them and pack them as I have described. I first carry them a quarter of a mile in the opposite direction to the one which I intend to take.

The girls played every day now, and very often Miss Andrews dropped in to watch them and take the measure of the various aspirants for a place on the official teams, which it would soon be her duty to appoint. During the first part of her journey Betty busied herself with reading over Mr. Blake's two letters and the lengthy replies that the editors had composed.

I shall pay fewer and fewer visits at the rectory, and remain longer and longer at Browndown every day. After they are married " He suddenly stopped; the words seemed to stick in his throat. He busied himself in relighting his cigar, and took a long time to do it. "After they are married," I repeated. "What then?"

Leonard turned mechanically to the terrace, and busied himself with the flowers; but the dark eyes of Violante shone on his thoughts, and her voice rang in his ear. At length Riccabocca appeared on the road, attended by a labourer, who carried something indistinct under his arm.

He busied himself, the whole of the following day, in bringing up his troops for the attack.

I said, when we sat at supper, The charming taste you gave me, sir, of your poetical fancy, makes me sure you have more favours of this kind to delight me with, if you please; and may I beg to be indulged on this agreeable head? Hitherto, said he, my life has been too much a life of gayety and action, to be busied so innocently.