"Whew!" said Amos, "talk about civilizing Indians!" Lydia was trembling violently. "What made him act so Did you hurt his sister, Mr. Levine?" "Didn't even know he had a sister," returned John, coolly relighting his cigar. Marshall rose and stretched his fat body. "Well, you serve up too much excitement for me, Amos. I'll be getting along. Come, Margery."

He then carefully replaced the glasses in their case, tucked them away in the black bag, and, after relighting his pipe, said, "What's the use er fishin'?" He added gloomily, "Never catch nothin'." He glanced at the water, then at the sky, then at the sandy beach which lay just to port. "Let's go ashore and think it over," he suggested.

"No," repeated the old man, again sucking at his pipe, and this time blowing out a lot of smoke; "I don't see as much happiness about, not the same look on the faces. 'T isn't likely. See these 'ere motorcars, too; they say 'orses is goin' out"; and, as if dumbfounded at his own conclusion, he sat silent for some time, engaged in the lighting and relighting of his pipe.

"Of course you wouldn't," said Des Hermies, relighting his cigarette. "As has so often been said, 'My own, my native land is wherever I happen to feel at home. Now I don't feel at home except with the people of the North. But I interrupted you. Let's get back to the subject. What were you saying?" "I forget. Oh, yes. I was saying that the Maid had completed her task.

Verkan Vall concentrated on relighting his pipe, for a moment, then continued: "I would predict space-travel on that sector within the next century. Maybe the next half-century, at least to the Moon. And the art of taxidermy is very highly developed. Now, suppose some farmer shoots that thing; what would he do with it, sir?" Tortha Karf grunted. "Nice logic, Vall.

Relighting my candle, which I had extinguished from motives of economy, I caught Audrey's eye and jerked my head towards the ladder. 'You go first, I whispered. The Nugget watched her disappear through the trap-door, then turned to me with an air of resolution. 'If you think you're going to get me up there, you've another guess coming.

"Most visitors to this place think so," said McLeod. "The Indians highly approve of it, and deem me quite a marvel of artistic power." "Wot! did you paint it?" inquired Waller. "I did," answered McLeod, with a nod. "Vraiment, de Injuns am right in deir opinion of you," cried Gibault, relighting his pipe, which, in the astonished state of his mind, he had allowed to go out.

His fatigue disappeared as though by magic. He seemed all gaiety and force. "Come in! Sit down and have some tea! I was so depressed five minutes ago I was fit to kill myself. And now you make the room shine you do come in like a goddess!" He busied himself excitedly in putting a chair for her, in relighting the spirit kettle, in blowing up the fire.

Henley hastened back up the stairs, fearful lest the noise had waked some one in the house, and without relighting his candle threw himself upon the bed to await developments. After listening for some minutes, and hearing nothing, he became convinced that no one had been disturbed; and so, creeping out of bed, and lighting his candle by the dying embers in the fireplace, started in afresh.

At last, after once more relighting his cigar, which had gone out frequently during the conversation, he turned to his nephew and fixed him sharply with a fat pale-blue eye. "Tell me the worst you know about him, Thomas! What are his faults?" he snapped, and settled back to squint at his imaginary stage again.