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If Stanford did much for Hoover in the days when he was one of its students, he has loyally repaid his obligation. But all of these accounts of Hoover's various activities still leave unanswered many questions concerning the more intimate personal characteristics of the man to whom the World War came in August, 1914, with its special call for service.

'You are forgetting, she said practically, 'that I have lived on money to which I had no right, and that I or you can be forced to repay it. 'Repaid it must be, whether demanded or not. Where does Barmby live? Perhaps I could see him to-night. 'What means have you of keeping us all alive? 'Some of my work has been accepted here and there; but there's something else I have in mind.

Since you will not make a business matter of such things, I wish to repay you in the coin which gentleman can always receive that of friendly acknowledgments." "Then please consider me amply repaid," and with a smile and a bow he was about to retire. "Do not hasten away, sir," Mr. Jocelyn began again. "On this, day of rest your duties cannot be pressing.

When she was settled I bent over her and kissed her on the forehead. "I am repaid," said I to her, laughing; "are you comfortable, Louise?" She did not answer, but her eyes met mine and I saw in them a smile which seemed to thank me, but a smile so subtle that in any other circumstances I should have seen a shadow of raillery in it. "Now, Captain, settle yourself in this armchair and goodnight!"

With all these advantages, the inhabitants of the country ought to be much more prosperous than they are. 16th. The major-domo of the hacienda was good enough to give me a guide and fresh horses, and in the morning we set out to ascend the Campana, or Bell Mountain, which is six thousand four hundred feet high. The paths were very bad, but both the geology and scenery amply repaid the trouble.

The meetings nevertheless were full of such intense bliss for him that it seemed as though he were a thousand times repaid for all the subtlety and folly he was practicing. There were times when he came to the ice house in a hired car, others when she notified him by phone or note to his office of times when she was coming in to town to stay.

She regarded him with grief and awe, and felt that he repaid her with sympathy and commiseration, though wherefore she could but vaguely guess. "That look!" whispered she, and shuddered. "How came it there?" "Madam," said the painter, sadly, taking her hand and leading her apart, "in both these pictures I have painted what I saw. The artist the true artist must look beneath the exterior.

The upper course of the torrent, however, amply repaid us for our labour, for it ran through the most lovely dell I ever saw; and as it bounded down from rock to rock, and roared and splashed along, it seemed to know what there was before it, and to be rejoicing at the prospect of its mighty jump.

And Dr Swift hath since been pleased to acknowledge that, having instilled in this poor child the principles of honour and virtue, she hath not swerved from them in any passage of her life. Yet have I not? Again I question my heart. 'T is the most I can hope that the woman hath repaid the child's debt. On this I will be judged.

"Begin to get supper," came the answer. "I'll give you a hand there," said the other. "Me too," said Nat Smith, who was a clever cook. And when the odor of coffee began to steal through the camp, the boys felt amply repaid for all they had undergone in the rough trip from Stanhope. They sniffed the air, and smiled, and seemed ready to declare the expedition a great success.

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