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It means I am rather overstrung, I suppose; but it's all true, unfortunately. He rose, and began to run his eye along the shelves nearest to him. 'Well, now I will go, Miss Yule. Marian stood up as he approached. 'It's all very well, he said, smiling, 'for me to encourage my sisters in the hope that they may earn a living; but suppose I can't even do it myself?

With all my learning, I, who gave Margaret the name of Lalage, understood women less than any fisherman who bandied words with them across a boat. I remember a Yule night when both Adam and I were at her mother's cottage, and, as we were leaving, he had the audacity to kiss Margaret.

And what I shall do then I don't know. 'You are sure to hear from Edwin, opined Mrs Yule. 'I think not. He isn't the kind of man to behave in that way. 'Then I suppose you are bound to take the first step? 'That I shall never do. She said so, but the sudden happiness of finding herself wealthy was not without its softening effect on Amy's feelings.

When he had recovered from it, he pressed Marian's hand with paternal fervour, and waddled off to chatter with someone else. Marian replaced several books on the reference-shelves, returned others to the central desk, and was just leaving the room, when again a voice made demand upon her attention. 'Miss Yule! One moment, if you please!

Yule in his study, Prue mentally wrapped in her blanket, and when Sylvia was drawn into an artistic controversy with her brother, Warwick fell into deep thought.

That winter after Yule Thorkell got ready to go from home north to Ramfirth to bring his timber from the north. He rode first up into the Dales and then to Lea-shaws to Thorstein, his kinsman, where he gathered together men and horses.

Therefore it is no very far fetched conjecture to suppose that the Yule log, which figures so prominently in the popular celebration of Christmas, was originally designed to help the labouring sun of midwinter to rekindle his seemingly expiring light.

My doings have been noted; the admirable qualities of my style have drawn attention; I'm looked upon as one of the coming men! Thanks, I confess, in some measure, to old Barlow; he seems to have amused himself with cracking me up to all and sundry. That last thing of mine in The West End has done me a vast amount of good, it seems. And Alfred Yule himself had noticed that paper in The Wayside.

Of the travels thus detailed in Marco Polo's book, and of their importance and significance in the history of geographical discovery, it is impossible to give any adequate account in this place. It will, perhaps, suffice if we give the summary of his claims made out by Colonel Sir Henry Yule, whose edition of his travels is one of the great monuments of English learning:

While he sits thus enriching the milk of the dairy, the lads who are to herd the sheep in the coming year go to the hearth and kneeling down before it kiss each other across the projecting end of the Yule log. By this demonstration of affection they are thought to seal the love of the ewes for their lambs.