He really was a good-looking young man, and in his knickerbockers and golf stockings Janice thought he seemed very "citified" indeed. "He's a college boy, I am sure," decided the girl, with interest, watching the rider out of sight. "I couldn't see his eyes behind those dust glasses; but I believe there was a dimple in his cheek.

"That is strange," said Mrs Trevor; "and you never let me know! But you need not tell everyone your age." "Why not?" "Oh! well, young ladies don't usually tell their ages; but you are not quite like other girls." Gwenda laughed; and Will thought how charming were the dimple in her chin, the perfect teeth, the sparkling black eyes! Yes, she was very pretty, no doubt!

"Aged nearly fifty sallow?" I echoed. "Are his features of a rather Oriental cast a dark, handsome man with deep-set eyes and a dimple in the centre of his chin?" I asked eagerly. "Yes. That just describes him." "De Gex!" I gasped. "Then he is here!" "After dinner they went out to the Trianon. They are there now." "Then we will watch them return to the Ritz," I said.

"Oh, by the way," said Hampton, busy opening the parcel of lunch they had brought with them, "Marcia's heard all about you, Bud. You said you wanted to meet Lee, Marcia. Well, here he is, tall and handsome in a devilish reckless way, looking at the dimple at the back of your neck. Miss Langworthy, Mr. Lee. Judith, that coffee smells good!"

Thanks to the width of her sleeve, which has fallen back, one can admire the ravishing outline of a rounded arm, polished like ivory, and having at the elbow a charming dimple. Her hand which turns the leaves of her book is worthy of such an arm; the nails, very long and of the transparency of agate.

I see her so plainly, walking slowly up and down a room, the slight highness of her shoulders; just completing the exquisite arrangement of lines made by the straight supple back, the long exquisite neck, the head, with the hair cropped in short pale curls, always drooping a little, except when she would suddenly throw it back, and smile, not at me, nor at any one, nor at anything that had been said, but as if she alone had suddenly seen or heard something, with the strange dimple in her thin, pale cheeks, and the strange whiteness in her full, wide-opened eyes: the moment when she had something of the stag in her movement.

"Well yes, in a way," Sally admitted, adding indulgently, "he's SUCH an idiot!" "How do you mean?" Martie asked sharply. For Sally to flush and dimple and give herself the airs of a happy woman over the calf-like attentions of this clumsy boy of nineteen was more than absurd, it was painful. "Sally you couldn't! Why, you oughtn't even to be FRIENDS with Joe Hawkes!" she stammered.

Florence being wide awake by this time, concluded to get up, and Dimple ran downstairs, patting the baluster with one hand as she went. When she reached the lowest step she was caught up by a pair of arms, and found her face close to her Uncle Heath's whiskers. "Oh! Uncle Heath," she cried, "do let me hug you. I am so glad to see you. I'm gladder than anybody."

On the ship he had only sometimes been aware of it, there would come a glint of sunshine and settle on Anna-Rose's little cheek where the dimple was, or he would lift his eyes from the Culture book and suddenly see the dark softness of Anna-Felicitas's eyelashes as she slept in her chair.

"Who is Mrs. Brown?" asked Florence. "Oh, she's a woman," returned Dimple. "I suppose she is very nice, but she is so solemn, and is always telling me that she hopes I will grow up to be a comfort to my mother and not a care and burden; and she always says it as if there wasn't the least doubt but that I would be a care and a burden, and I don't like her. Do you know mamma and Mrs.