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So when Doris told me how lonely and unhappy she was at home and begged me to visit her for a week in return well, what could I do? I'm going back with her Monday." "Then," says I, "I see where I cut next Friday off the calendar." "Unless," suggests Vee, droppin' her long eyelashes coy, "you were not too stupid to think of " "Say," I breaks in, "gimme that number again, will you?

"No, sir, but he described her." "To be sure." said Barnabas; "he mentioned her hair, perhaps?" "Yes, sir." "Her eyelashes, perhaps?" "And her eyes also, sir." "Yes, her eyes, of course. He seemed to know her well, perhaps?" "Yes, sir." "And she promised to meet him in a very lonely place?" "At Oakshott's Barn, sir."

Yes, there she is, paler and thinner than in her Kentucky home, with a world of quiet sorrow lying under the shadow of her long eyelashes, and marking the outline of her gentle mouth!

The frozen moisture of its breathing had settled on its fur in a fine powder of frost, and especially were its jowls, muzzle, and eyelashes whitened by its crystalled breath. The man's red beard and moustache were likewise frosted, but more solidly, the deposit taking the form of ice and increasing with every warm, moist breath he exhaled.

She recognized him by a small mark which he had over the left ear, and above all by the shadow which his long black eyelashes cast upon his cheeks. He was dressed in his hunting clothes, scarlet with gold lace, the very clothes he wore that day when he met her in St. Leonard's Wood, begged of her a drink, and stole a kiss. He had preserved his youth and good looks.

Some emotion flickered Calumet's eyelashes. "You've said somethin'," he returned; "nobody's runnin' me." He turned and walked to Dade, who had been watching him with wrath and astonishment. "Drinkin'?" suggested Taggart. "Have a drink, old man," he said, with celluloid good fellowship. Calumet turned with a grin. "Me an' my friend has got to the end of our capacity," he said.

Her face, of classic regularity and marble whiteness, bore a ghastly contrast to the long eyelashes, arched eyebrows and silken ringlets black as midnight. She might have been a statue or a picture, so motionless she sat.

This Indian is Djalma. His features are at once very noble and very beautiful. His hair of a blue black, parted upon his forehead, falls waving, but not curled over his shoulders; whilst his eyebrows, boldly and yet delicately defined, are of as deep a jet as the long eyelashes, that cast their shadow upon his beardless cheek.

The petition suggests that such a friendship is more devoted than any feelings, even those which morality must disapprove " A sudden flush crimsoned the Marquis' face and forehead, tears even started to his eyes, for his eyelashes were wet, then wholesome pride crushed the emotions, which in a man are accounted a weakness.

Her sweetness, her archness, the opening of her lips, their way of holding closed, and her brightness of wit, her tender eyelashes, her appreciating looks, her sighing, the thousand varying shades of her motions and her features interflowing like a lighted water, swam to him one by one like so many handmaiden messengers distinctly beheld of the radiant indistinct whom he adored with more of spirit in his passion than before this tempest.

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