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"No; hold on, Woloda, and let me try and do it," put in Dimitri at length, with a glance at the professors' corner as he seated himself beside me. I could see that my friend was in the best of humours. This was always the case with him when he was satisfied with himself, and was one of the things in him which I liked best.

Ippolit Sidorovitch! Is it you? The figure stopped, raised his diminutive eyes, waited a little, and ungluing his lips at last, brought out in a rather hoarse falsetto, 'Dimitri Sanin? 'That's me! cried Sanin, and he shook one of Polozov's hands; arrayed in tight kid-gloves of an ashen-grey colour, they hung as lifeless as before beside his barrel-shaped legs. 'Have you been here long?

When McShane awoke the next morning he tried to recall what had passed between him and Dimitri, and did not feel quite convinced that he had not trusted him too much. "I think," said he, "it was all upon an if. Yes, sure; if O'Donahue was in love, and if she was. Yes, I'm sure that it was all upon ifs. However, I must go and tell O'Donahue what has taken place."

I also had the pleasure of issuing four biscuits each, or twice the ration, Meares and Dimitri having given us eight whole biscuits which they spared from their supply. The dog drivers were not so ravenous as the man-hauling party, which was natural, but still it was uncommonly generous of them to give us part of their ration for nothing.

She was leaning with her elbows on the window-sill, bending forward. 'Monsieur Dimitri, she began in a cautious voice, 'I have been wanting all day long to give you something ... but I could not make up my mind to; and just now, seeing you, quite unexpectedly again, I thought that it seems it is fated' ... Gemma was forced to stop at this word.

Only Dimitri, though he drank level with the rest of us, continued in the same severe, serious frame of mind a fact which put a certain check upon the general hilarity. "Now, look here, gentlemen," said Dubkoff at last. "After dinner we ought to take the DIPLOMAT in hand. How would it be for him to go with us to see Auntie? There we could put him through his paces."

The real object of this trip was to hasten the Southern party's return rather than to succour them. Cherry-Garrard and Dimitri had a tough time of it. They, however, reached One Ton Camp on March, and were held there by blizzard weather, which made travelling impossible.

The following are certain to stay: Bowers, Simpson, Debenham, Wright, Nelson, Atkinson, Clissold, Hooper, Dimitri. If you have brought fresh transport the probability is that all these will remain. If you have not brought fresh transport the majority, if not all, who are able to catch the ship will return.

Allowing that was not very handsome on his part, still, he's a civilian, has not had a university education, and as a solid business man, it was for him to look with contempt on the frivolous prank of some unknown little officer. And what sort of insult was it, after all, Herr Dimitri? 'Excuse me, Frau Lenore, you seem to be blaming me. 'I am not blaming you in the least, not in the least!

As soon as they arrived at the chateau the ceremony was performed, and O'Donahue obtained his prize; and to guard against any mishap, it was decided that they should leave the next morning, on their way to the frontier. Dimitri had been of the greatest use, had prepared against every difficulty, and had fully proved his fidelity. The parting between the countess and her cousin was tender.