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If the scales were good to start with, and if they have not been outrageously tampered with in childhood, and if the combinations into which you enter are average ones, you may come off well; but there are too many "ifs" in this, and with the failure of any one of them your misery is assured.

Further progress has yet to be made, and difficult problems yet await solution, and to know the history of the perplexing situation will surely be most helpful as a guide. What future is in store for India lies hidden. It would be interesting to speculate, and with a few ifs interposed, it might be easy to dogmatise.

Frank thought it would, and determined to try it. "Pierre," said he, "if I tell you where that key is, what will you do?" "If!" exclaimed the Ranchero; "there are no ifs or ands about it. You must tell me where it is." "But what I want to know is, what will you do with me?" "I promise you, upon the honor of a gentleman, that no harm shall be done you." "Gentleman!" sneered Frank.

"When a man says he'll do what he can for you, it's a sure sign he means to do nothing. Friendship and brotherly feeling are at an end when it comes to a question of 'ifs' and 'cans. If your wife lets you have the handling of any of her money!" cried the lawyer, with unspeakable derision; "that's too good a joke for you to indulge in with me.

Glover, as, all the 'ifs' having been triumphantly surmounted, he helped himself from a small flat bottle of whiskey; "it won't take long." He lit his pipe, and, plunging into his story, finished it without interruption. "You are a deep one, Glover," said his admiring friend when he had finished.

But you and I, reader, have no other interest in these poems, except this that they were written by the brother-in-law of that whimsical, miserly Frank Vance, who perhaps, but for such a brother-in-law, would never have gone through the labour by which he has cultivated the genius that achieved his fame; and if he had not cultivated that genius, he might never have known Lionel; and if he had never known Lionel, Lionel might never perhaps have gone to the Surrey village, in which he saw the Phenomenon: And, to push farther still that Voltaireian philosophy of ifs if either Lionel or Frank Vance had not been so intimately associated in the minds of Sophy and Lionel with the golden holiday on the beautiful river, Sophy and Lionel might not have thought so much of those poems; and if they had not thought so much of those poems, there might not have been between them that link of poetry without which the love of two young people is a sentiment, always very pretty it is true, but much too commonplace to deserve special commemoration in a work so uncommonly long as this is likely to be.

Further back towards the inn-yard, stablemen were putting in the horses for starting the flys and coaches to Les Ifs, the nearest railway-station. 'Suppose the Somersets should be going off by one of these conveyances, said Mrs. Goodman as she sipped her tea. 'Well, aunt, then they must, replied the younger lady with composure.

"Is the last word to be spelt with one or two s's?" asked the young Doctor. The company laughed feebly at this question. I answered it soberly. With one s. There are more foolish people among the Ifs than there are among the Ases. The company looked puzzled, and asked for an explanation.

At any rate, the leper's 'if' has answered itself for him. His own lingering doubt, Christ waives aside as settled. His 'if' is answered for ever. So these two 'ifs' in reference to Christ are beyond all controversy; His power is certain, and His love. The third 'if' remains, the one that refers to us 'If thou canst believe'; all hinges on that, for 'all things are possible to him that believeth.

I see now that a shade of honest desire to see him exculpated would have enabled me to find the clue. If I had gone to St. Mildred's at once interrogated him as a friend seen Wellwood but dwelling on the ifs of the last two years can bring nothing but distraction, he added, pausing suddenly. 'And remember, said Laura, 'that dear Guy himself was always grateful to you.