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They had not all the requisite tools, but these they were able to purchase at one of the cabins. "What shall I do?" asked Hogan. "I'm dead broke. I can't work without tools, and I can't buy any." "Do you want to work for me?" asked Joshua. "What'll you give?" "That'll depend on how you work. If you work stiddy, I'll give you a quarter of what we both make.

"I been married, but ain't married now. We couldn't git along somehow. Yes suh, I been right here workin' stiddy for a long time. Been janitor at two or three places same time; was janitor of de senior high school here for twenty-two years, and at de Bank of Russellville twenty-nine years. "Folks always been mighty nice to me and no slave ever had a finer master dan old Captain Scott.

"Not till my time comes, and not in boxes, then, less I'm in a railroad accident," replied the girl, with ghastly jocularity. "She's got another feller, or you might git her if you've got a stiddy job," the man said, winking at James with familiarity. "Just my luck," said James. He looked at the girl, and thought her pretty and pathetic, with a vulgar, almost tragic, prettiness and pathos.

If you set out to hunt beauty and goodness, if you take good aim and are perseverin' if you jest track 'em and foller 'em stiddy from mornin' till night, and don't get led away a-follerin' up some other game, such as meanness and selfishness and other such worthless head o' cattle why, at night you will come in with a sight of good game. You will be a noble and happy hunter.

And before he got feeble sometimes he would work out on the farm all the morning, stiddy as any of the men; but after he come in to dinner he would take off his coat, if he had it on, and fall asleep in his arm-chair, or on a l'unge there was in his bedroom, and when he waked up he would be sort of bewildered for a while, and then he'd step round quick's he could, and get his dress out o' the clothes-press, and the cap, and put 'em on right over the rest of his clothes.

I've got to slick up, and go after Mary Ann Temple. She'd have been awfully disappointed if we'd had to give it up." "Is she fond of dancing?" "You'd better believe she is. Why, that girl could dance for four hours stiddy without wiltin'!" "How late do you keep it up?" "Till eleven or twelve. You won't be sleepy, will you?" "If I am, I will get up later to-morrow morning." "That's all right.

But carpenter there has a different meaning from what it has in Jonesville, it means different kinds of work, carving, making furniture, plows, shovels, as well as buildin' houses. In some such a shop as this our Lord worked with achin' back and blistered hands no doubt, for He worked faithful and stiddy when He wuz subject to his father, Joseph.

So I sez to 'em, "I've hearn of your doin's, and I want to advise you for your good." They looked at me real stiddy and I went on, "You may think you hain't so guilty because you only take folkses heads. But for the lands sakes! did you ever stop to think on't? What can they do without their heads? Of course," sez I reasonably, "there is a difference in heads.

It wuz here that he found an asylum for a few years, carryin' on his plans, makin' out new arguments, stronger, mebby, than he had argued with for seven stiddy years, and I should a thought them old arguments must have been wore out.

"Sure a gun's good enough for me," then, "Ole Caleb been around since?" "Old Caleb? I should say so; why, he's our stiddy company." "'Pears fonder o'you than he is of me." "Say, Da, tell us about that. How do you know it was Caleb shot at you?" "Oh, I don't know it to prove it in a coort o' law, but we quarr'led that day in town after the Horse trade an' he swore he'd fix me an' left town.