"The law requires that the thransactions of this coort shall take place in English," the Chairman responded, "and we have also the public to consider." As it was pretty certain that we were the only persons in the court who did not understand Irish, it was borne in upon us that we were the public, and we appreciated the consideration.

Well, throth, it's no wonder that Ireland's full of people; for I believe they do nothing but coort from the time they're the hoith of my leg. I dunno is it true, as I hear Captain Sloethern's steward say, that the Englishwomen are so fond of Irishmen?" "To be sure it is," said Shane Fadh; "don't I remimber myself, when Mr.

'Look here, says they. 'Ye've vilated nearly all th' statues iv th' State iv Noo Jarsey already, they says, 'an' if ye ain't careful, ye'll be hauled up f'r contimpt iv coort, they says. So they took th' matther in hand an' dhrew up th' r-right pa-apers. 'State iv Noo York, county iv Cook, s. s. Know all men be these prisints.

"Very likely no but ye hae gien me permission to speak, an' her that's stannin afore yer honourable coort, brawly kens the laws. Elspeth Mowdiewort didna soop yer kirk an wait till yer session meetings war ower for thirty year in my ain man's time withoot kennin' a' the laws.

Wild eyed with alarm at mention of the Burgh court, in connection with that beloved little pet, she stammered: "It's it's no' a coort he gaed to. Maister Traill's tak'n Bobby awa' to a braw kirk." Sandy nodded his head. "Ay, that would be the police office in St. Giles. Lassie, tell Mr. Traill I sent the Lord Provost, and if he's needing a witness to ca' on Sandy McGregor."

'You may have read in books how it was at Kilgobbin Castle King James came to stop after the Boyne; that he held a "coort" there in the big drawing-room they call it the "throne-room" ever since and slept two nights at the castle afterwards? 'That's something to see, Walpole, said Lockwood. 'So it is. How is that to be managed, landlord? Does his lordship permit strangers to visit the castle?

"Well, an' phwat did somethin' do to you?" He was blowing at the water, which was sliding gently over his chest. "That's what I want to tell you if you will shut up that red flannel mouth a minute." "The crimson fabric is now closed be order av the Coort," grinned O'mie. "O'mie, I waked up suddenly last night. It was clear moonlight, and I looked out of the window.

Syne I wad gether a' the bits o' drains frae a' sides, till I had a bonny stream o' watter aff o' the sweet corn lan', rowin' doon here whaur we stan', an' ower to the castel itsel', an' throu' coort an' kitchie, gurglin' an' rinnin', an' syne oot again an' doon the face o' the scaur, splashin' an' loupin' like mad. I wad lea' a' the lave to Natur' hersel'. It wad be a gran' place, my lord!

'Th' coort, says th' judge, 'is always r-ready to defind th' honor iv France, he says; 'an', if th' larned counsel will con-sint, he says, 'to step up here f'r a minyit, he says, 'th' coort'll put a sthrangle hold on him that'll not do him a bit iv good, he says. 'Ah! he says. 'Here's me ol' frind Pat th' Clam, he says. 'Pat, what d'ye know about this case? he says.

"Sir gintleman miss, over the way there for throth, for all so close as you're veiled, you haven't a married look but as I was sayin', we fell in love wid one another by mistake for there was an ould matchmaker, by name Biddlety Girtha, a daughter of ould Jemmy Trailcudgel's God be good to him father of the present strugglin' poor man of that name and as I had hard of a celebrated beauty that lived about twelve or fifteen miles down the country that I wished to coort and she, on the other hand, having hard of a very fine, handsome young fellow in my own neighborhood what does the ould thief do but brings us together, in the fair of Baltihorum, and palms her off on me as the celebrated beauty, and palms myself on her as the fine, handsome young fellow from the parish of Ballytrain, and, as I said, so we fell in love wid one another by mistake, and didn't discover the imposthure that the ould vagabond had put on us until afther the marriage.