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The 'good Injun' went out last night wid the witherin' of them pink flowers lyin' limp in his cruel brown hands." "But whose flower wreath could it have been?" I asked carelessly. "O, phwat difference! Just some silly girl braided 'em up to look sweet for some silly boy. An' maybe he kissed her fur it. I dunno.

An' av ye tur-rn um over to th' authorities ye ain't got much on um, an' ye can't pr-rove phwat ye have got. "But listen: Creed's a dhrivlin' jobbernowl that orders his comin's be th' hang av th' moon, an' his goin's be th' dhreams av his head. He thinks y're dead.

He looked down to find a little girl clasping his knee and whimpering. "And phwat is it, me angel?" He caught her up in his arms and laughed. "Shure! and I've forgotten me little glass of stuff. Come along with me and find it." He strode away, only to return with her in a second or two, laughing all over her face. Yes he had a way with him, had Jimmy O'Shea.

"Well, an' phwat did somethin' do to you?" He was blowing at the water, which was sliding gently over his chest. "That's what I want to tell you if you will shut up that red flannel mouth a minute." "The crimson fabric is now closed be order av the Coort," grinned O'mie. "O'mie, I waked up suddenly last night. It was clear moonlight, and I looked out of the window.

"Vot vos cendibedes?" "They are a creature with a poisonous bite, and they are all sizes from the bigness of a pea to one as large as your hand." "Oh, phwat are yez givin' av us!" cried Barney Mulloy, derisively. "Is it idiots or fools ye take us fer, Oi dunno?"

Phwat wid two thrips wid th' rackets an' th' dhrag av th' wolf, 'twill not be bad. 'Tis only a mather av twinty minutes to phwere Frinchy'll bether be waitin' wid th' harses." They found LaFranz waiting in fear and trembling. The heavy snow-plow was left in readiness for the morrow's trail-breaking, and the horses hitched to a rough sled and headed for camp.

At length I heard a slow and laborious shuffling of feet in the passage, and an old woman, wrapped in a patchwork quilt and wearing a white nightcap, opened the door. She regarded me with hardly subdued fury. "Phwat d'ye want?" she asked. "I've come to play chess with Captain Meagher," I replied. "Oh! glory be to God!" she gasped, and tried to shut the door in my face.

Phwat is yer name?" His voice quavered, and the little eyes glittered between the red-rimmed lids, bright as an eagle's. The younger man was astonished at his excitement. "Why, Bill," he replied. "Bill or Moike or Pat wurrah! Oi mane yer rale name th' whole av ut?" "That I have not told. I am called Bill." "Lord av hiven! I thocht ut th' fir-rst toime Oi seen ye but now! Man! B'y.

There is Columbus and Peary and Stanley and Amundsen, all av thim gr-reat min, but whin you come to compare thim with our hero, phwat have they done? "Look at Columbus. What is his claim to glory? Did Columbus iver swim out into th' stinkin' Sargasso and come back with a good dinner for his star-r-vin' min? Histh'ry does not say so. He discovered America, Columbus did. What is America?

An' phwat air yes doin' here?" "Talk low," said Gus, "but listen first: There's a burglar in the house. I spotted him some time ago, followed him and saw him get through the dining-room window. Move fast and he's yours!" Pat moved fast. He recognized that he had not been up to his duty so far and he meant to make amends.