It had begun to assume the proportions of a distinct design. He suddenly asked a question of apparent irrelevancy. "This hyar land down the ravine don't b'long ter yer folkses who do it b'long ter?" "Don't b'long ter nobody, ye weasel!" Birt retorted, in rising wrath. "D'ye s'pose I'd be a-stealin' of gold off'n somebody else's land?" Nate's sly, thin face lighted up wonderfully.

"I kin find out the way to Birk's Mill from the folkses." When he neared the smoke, he paused abruptly, staring once more. There was no house! The smoke rose from among low pine bushes. Above were the snow-laden branches of the fir. "Ef thar war a house hyar, I reckon I could see it!" said Rick doubtfully, infinitely mystified. There was a continual drip, drip of moisture all around.

"He don't hev no pore folkses ways wid dat chile," said Mornin once to Mrs. Doty; "he don't never speak to her no other then gen'leman way. He's a-raisin' her to be fitten fur de highes'. He's mighty keerful ob her way ob speakin' an' settin' to de table.

Wain could not resist the opportunity to show off before the party, which included Mary B.'s entire family and several other neighbors, who had gathered to see the travelers off. "Good-by ter Patesville! Good-by, folkses all!" he cried, with a wave of his disengaged hand. "Good-by, mother!

Sez I, "Sunthin' like that, namely stealin' the interior of folkses heads, has been done time and agin among more civilized folks, and it don't work; they git found out." I left 'em getisculatin' and jabberin' in that strange lingo and am in hopes they wuz promisin' to quit their Head Huntin', but can't tell for certain.

"Yes; you do, too, know how I figure that you know there ain't but one way I could figure it. You stay with me till hell freezes under both of us; and I don't want to hear no more talk about you going West or nowheres else." Folkses' Adam's apples bothers sometimes. "We built this brand together," says he, "and what right you got to shake it now?" says he; me not being able now to talk much.

"It is a pity thou wert not a monk, my son," said the priest, whose gravity seemed hard to keep. "Ay, it is!" was Dan's hearty response. "I'm alway fain to pass a nunnery. Says I to myself, There's a bonnie lot o' snakes safe tied up out o' folkses' way. They'll never fly at nobody no more. I'm fain for the men as hasn't got 'em. Ay, I am!" Avice and her young cousins laughed.

And old Jack Means 'lowed Bud must want to have their barns burnt like some other folkses had been. Fer his part, he had sense enough to know they was some people as it wouldn't do to set a body's self agin. And as fer him, he didn't butt his brains out agin a buckeye-tree. Not when he was sober.

As he had said, the Weggs had formed the chief topic of conversation in Millville for years, and no one had a more vivid interest in their history than Marshall McMahon McNutt. He enjoyed gossiping about the Weggs almost as much as he did selling books. "I never thought I had no call to stick my nose inter other folkses privit doin's," he said, after a few puffs at the corncob pipe.

She done been bawn in de Colby famb'ly, an' she know Mars' Colby better dan he know he'self. Fiery as he was, she know dat if yo' kin mak' him laff, he'd fo'give a nigger 'most anyt'ing. "So my ol' mammy tol' Sally Alley wot tuh say an' do. Sally wipe her eyes an' mak' herse'f neat erg'in, an' wa'k up ter de big house brave as a lion in de seemin' jes' as de gran' folkses comes out upon de lawn.