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"He isn't good enough for her. You know that perfectly well." "Good enough!" She shrugged her shoulders. "What man is good enough for a nice girl if you come to that? There are other things beside sugary goodness. Any man who is strong can make himself good enough for the woman he loves." "Generally speaking, yes. But Colby Macdonald is different." "Thank Heaven he is," she retorted impatiently.

He had also sent word to Larry Colby, telling of the turn of affairs. The telegram to Mr. Rover brought a characteristic reply, running as follows: "I send you the money you want. Be careful and keep out of danger. Will come on by the first train." The message to Larry Colby brought that student up to Detroit on the first train from Sandusky.

In truth, the two months after my mother's death were the dreariest my life has known, and they were months of tolerably hard struggle. The little house in Colby Road taxed my slender resources heavily, and the search for work was not yet successful. I do not know how I should have managed but for the help ever at hand, of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scott. During this time I wrote for Mr.

"Don't you remember how Fred Garrison fared at Holly School? That institution sent out a splendid circular, and when Fred got there they almost starved him to death." "That is true. Where is Fred now?" "I don't know." "Mr. Colby wouldn't recommend Putnam Hall if it wasn't all right," remarked Tom. "Jack, whip up the team, or we'll miss that train."

Colby Quisenberry was second, in Clarks County. "The story is told that at the time of General Morgan's last raid on Winchester, an old faithful slave of Dr. He put him there in the smoke house along with the meat, but Prince pawed and made disturbances until he took him out and took him to the cellar persuading him to descend the steps and left him there.

Seymour L. Cromwell, Mrs. Colby and Mrs. Hunter which raised over $10,000. The principal contributors were Mrs. Cromwell, Mrs. Colby, Judge and Mrs. John J. White, Mrs. Wittpenn, Mrs. Hartshorne, Mrs. Lewis S. Thompson and Mrs. Robert Stevens.

An' w'en dat Sally Alley done lay him on hes side, wid de los' laig down, hit was jes' a pitcher jes' a pitcher!" declared Uncle Rufus, reminiscent yet of the long past feast-day. "Wal, dar warn't ne'der ob de waitresses willin' tuh tak' dat goose in an' put it down befo' Mars' Colby naw'm! So dat yaller gal had to put on a clean han'kercher an' ap'on, an' do it her own se'f.

Ella S. Stewart, Miss Doris Stevens, Mrs. Clara Laddey, Mrs. Clara Bewick Colby and Mrs. Beatrice Forbes Robertson Hale. Miss Laura Clay came from Kentucky at her own expense. The State was organized by counties and the speaking and circularizing were done under the immediate direction of the county chairmen. In the report of Mrs.

On the first day of the following winter term he appeared at the district schoolhouse with a primer, a spelling book, a Greenleaf's Arithmetic, a copy book, a pen and an ink bottle. The schoolmaster was a young sophomore from Colby College named Marcus Cobb, a stranger in the place.

"His interference with Goldstein's plans proves he is under no obligations to others, for he has acted arbitrarily, in accordance with his personal desires and against the financial interests of the concern." "Why didn't you ask him about this, instead of wiring to New York?" demanded Maud. "He might not give us exact information, under the circumstances," said Colby. The girl frowned.