Like FIAMINGO'S image, which he kept polishing till his friend exclaimed, "What perfection would you have?" "Alas!" exclaimed the sculptor, "the original I am labouring to come up to is in my head, but not yet in my hand." The writer toils, and repeatedly toils, to throw into our minds that sympathy with which we hang over the illusion of his pages, and become himself.

The Cæsarean spirit which induced Sallust to ignore altogether the words of Cicero would have induced him to give his own representation of the other two, even though we were to suppose that he had been able to have them taken down by short-hand writers Cicero's words, we have no doubt, with such polishing as may have been added to the short-hand writers' notes by Tiro, his slave and secretary.

"I tell you what," she said, "we will go together to dwarfland. You can arrange about the electric light, and I will do some metal polishing; we will meet afterwards and come home again together, it will be splendid fun!" "How can we get there?" asked Karl somewhat dubiously.

"There's a stoker just died of heat apoplexy: there'll be a funeral presently," he said coolly. "What on earth are you doing?" "People are so unkind. Knollys got into trouble yesterday because these silly things were not clean," she said, polishing away furiously. "But you can't do the work of a servant," he said, aghast. "I can. Of course I can. I often have.

I spared him the effort of polishing off his lie. The man wanted to be alone with his trouble, and that was a state of mind I understood only too well. The circumstantial evidence I had before me as I walked back to my own house led inevitably to one verdict. I could almost reconstruct the ignoble pidgin-splutter in which Ching Po had told Stires, and was even now telling Follet.

When it came to scrubbing the steps and polishing the brass-work of the splendid stairs both needed to steel themselves, the mother against her timidity, the daughter against the shame at so public an exposure. Wide beneath lay the imposing lobby, and men, lounging, smoking, passing constantly in and out, could see them both.

He entertained them on this occasion by thrusting the lighted candle into his mouth, and exhibiting his face in a state of transparency; after the performance of which feat, he went on with his professional duties; brightening every knife as he laid it on the table, by breathing on the blade and afterwards polishing the same on the apron already mentioned.

If I were a boot-black, to-morrow, I would, I am certain, lean to the delusion that the polishing of pedal integuments was the noblest sphere in life! Indeed, I have known many more extraordinary conversions than mine. I've seen one of the most brutal and bloodthirsty of warriors settle down into an earnest preacher of the gospel.

It was a perfect casting, in all respects worthy of the care and labour which I invested in its future grinding and polishing, and enabled it to perform its glorious duties as the grand essential part of a noble reflecting telescope! A. Chill plate of cast iron turned to the curve of the speculum B. Turned hoop of wrought iron with opening at O. C. Pouring pocket.

They spent the regulation hours of waiting in polishing and dusting, in catching the one mouse left, and asphyxiating the last beetle, so as to leave it nice, discussing with each other what they would buy at the sale. Timothy's hair little golden curls, glued into a black frame. Oh! they must have those only the price of things had gone up so!