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It is employed pure for numerous purposes, and is also mixed with other metals to form bell metal, speculum metal, for optical purposes, and German silver. Lead occurs in veins most plentifully in mountain limestone districts, and usually contains some portion of silver.

"Very well; but for experiment, as it is all new to me, I think we will try first to silver one of these pieces of the broken speculum. Yes; that largest piece."

As he was not sure that English would become the language of his cultivated countrymen, he tried each of the three languages used in England. His first important work, the Speculum Meditantis, was written in French; his second, the Vox Clamantis, in Latin; his third, the Confessio Amantis, in English.

"Because it is a fact that I want you to understand," said Uncle Richard, smiling. "The big glass, or in our case the reflecting speculum, forms a tiny image of the object at which it is pointed, close to where we look in, within an inch or so of our eye." "A tiny image, uncle?" "Well, picture, then." "But you say tiny! It looks big enough when we put our eye to the little round hole."

The only remaining difficulty that I had to surmount was the risk of defects in the surface of the speculum. These sometimes result from the first splash of the melted metal as it is poured into the ring mould. The globules sometimes got oxidised before they became incorporated with the main body of the inflowing molten alloy: and dingy spots in the otherwise brilliant alloy were thus produced.

With the allied Mergus cucullatus we have, however, a case of this kind: the two sexes differ conspicuously in general plumage, and to a considerable degree in the speculum, which is pure white in the male and greyish-white in the female.

For the incidents connected with the English observations of this transit, the author is indebted to Vice-Admiral W. H. Smyth's curious and rare book, Speculum Hartwellianum, London, 1860.

The handsome, in admiring their beauty therein, were admonished that handsome is who handsome does; and the more the ugly stared at themselves, the more they became naturally anxious to hide the disgrace of their features in the loveliness of their merits. Was not Demosthenes always at his speculum? Did he not rehearse his causes before it as before a master in the art?

Uncle Richard shook his head, and the vicar shook his hand. Then as he went through the same process with Tom, he said "Glad to know you; I'm sure we shall be very good friends;" and then he hurried away, and the others closed the gate and went into the workshop, where the speculum was waiting to be ground. "You'll like Mr Maxted," said Uncle Richard quietly.

"It seems to me that the less we talk about it the better, and content ourselves with being thankful for our escape." "It's lucky, uncle, that it missed the big speculum, and a lot more stuff being used." "Fortunate indeed, Tom. We must be more careful next time." "But surely you will not try so dangerous an experiment again?" said the Vicar anxiously. "Certainly I shall," said Uncle Richard.