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He took the bag from her, lifted her into her saddle, and they rode away. Gloria flicked her horse lightly with her whip and galloped ahead; as King followed he turned in the saddle and looked back toward Honeycutt's cabin.

Winfield a little deficient in nerve?" Ruth flushed angrily. "I particularly asked Kirk not to come here before I had seen you. I insisted on it. Naturally, he wanted to." "Of course!" There was a sneer in his voice which he did not try to hide. It flicked Ruth like a whip. Her painfully preserved restraint broke up under it. "Do you think Kirk is afraid of you, father?" "It crossed my mind."

Garth took out his cigarette case, chose a cigarette, lighted it with care, and flung the flaming match straight on to Jane's clasped hands. Before the doctor could spring up, Jane had smilingly flicked it off. "What nerve!" thought Deryck, with admiration. "Ninety-nine women out of a hundred would have said 'Ah! and given away the show. Really, she deserves to win." Suddenly Garth stood up.

I was immediately conscious of a queer prickling sensation about the back of my head, and my hands began to sweat a little. The following instant, the whole end of the passage flicked into sight in the abrupt glare of the flashlight.

Upon which assurance Jill sat down, took off her hat, arranged her hair in a pocket mirror, flicked a shadow of powder upon her nose, and settled down to watch and wait. The man's agile fingers arranged some charcoal, which he lighted quickly in some desert fashion inside a square of four bricks, over which he placed a brass tripod.

Gaspard came to himself, flicked the pony, and they went off down the road with shouts of laughter, while Nick stood waving his hat until they turned the corner. "Egad," said he, "I'd take to the highway if I could be sure of holding up such a cargo every time.

On his followers below he bent malignantly joyful eyes. It was only a question of time now. The next bullet must have touched Torrance's shoulder, for he winced and edged closer to the near rail. Koppy cheered and recklessly waved his rifle. A shot snapped from over the grade, and a piece of bark flicked stingingly into the Pole's face. The surprise of it almost tumbled him from his perch.

And true: he did love, he does love; loves no woman but the dear mother. He flicked a short wring of the hand having taken pressure from an alien woman's before Fredi pressed it, and absolved himself in the act; thinking, How little does a woman know how true we can be to her when we smell at a flower here and there!

"As true as most things you say," retorted Kitty, as she flicked the white tablecloth. "If mother and I hadn't such wonderful good health I suppose you'd come often enough here to give you real possession. Do you know, Mrs. Crozier," she added, with her wistful eyes vainly trying to be merely mischievous, "he once charged me five dollars for torturing me like a Red Indian.

"Her ladyship said, sir, that perhaps you might like to drive the ponies yourself, sir." "No, thank you," said Jim Airth, shortly. "I never drive other people's ponies." The groom's comprehending grin was immediately suppressed. He touched his hat again; gathered up the reins, mounted the driver's seat, flicked the leader, and the perfectly matched ponies swung at once into a fast trot.