Frequently had he praised her in former times, for her composure of mind in peril, and for her unfeminine superiority to all ideal terrors; and she did not now dare provoke his surprise and contempt by a revocation of her principles, or by a relation of the mysterious event which had befallen her.

Men are as apt to publish what is not worth saying as women can be, and some women are so conscientious as only to put forth what is of weight and value." "And you are above wanting to silence them by palaver about unfeminine publicity?" "There is no need of publicity. Much of the best and most wide-spread writing emanates from the most quiet, unsuspected quarters."

Messalina had not interfered with the friends he loved, had not robbed him of the insignia of empire, had not filled his palace with a hard and unfeminine tyranny, and had of course watched with a mother's interest over the lives and fortunes of his children.

Women almost invariably leave the stamp of their sex upon their work. But George Eliot took and held a man's position in literature from the outset of her career. It was not that she was unfeminine. She brought to her work a woman's sympathy and a woman's attention to detail. But in breadth of conception, in comprehensiveness of thought, her mind was essentially masculine.

The young man seemed shocked at the unfeminine conduct of his mother, and begged me to excuse the rude manner in which she answered me; 'for, says he, 'she is ignorant and beside herself, and does not know what she is saying or doing. "Instead of expressing the least gratitude to Mr.

And yet her words were so worldly, so unfeminine! "I have got to tell the truth to somebody. It was so, just as I have said. Of course I did not love him. How could I love him after what has passed? But there need have been nothing much in that. I don't suppose that Dukes' eldest sons often get married for love." "Miss Boncassen loves him." "I dare say the beggar's daughter loved King Cophetua.

Aunt Deborah, who is a good deal behindhand in all matters connected with the turf, and who has set her face into a determined refusal when she hears the word "racing," rather relaxes at the mention of "gentlemen riders," and replies gravely, "John, I want to talk to you about Kate. The girl's wild after horses and hounds and all such unfeminine pursuits.

Do you think, for instance, that my friend, Lady Priscilla Graves who is a great novel-reader indeed, but holds all female writers unfeminine deserters to the standard of Man could ever come out with, 'Pray, sir, have you had time to look at MY Novel? She would rather die first.

It came to him in this instant that all his reasonableness and gentleness were futile when opposed to the unfeminine ambition of his girl wife. Temper had him in its clutch, and he yielded blindly to its guidance. "I'm your husband, Cicily," he announced, dictatorially. "Please, understand that, from now on, I direct the affairs of this family.

The bitterness of her situation stung her tenfold when she considered that she dared not. Meantime the champagne became as regular in its flow as the Bull-dogs, and the monotonous bass of these latter sounded through the music, like life behind the murmur of pleasure, if you will. The Countess had a not unfeminine weakness for champagne, and old Mr. Bonner's cellar was well and choicely stocked.