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"There is our danger," he said, with emphasis, "and we must not trust to these trees. This freshet goes beyond any I ever saw on the river; and not a spring passes that we have not more or less of them. Do you not see, Corny, what saves us now?" "We are on an island, and cannot be in much danger from the river while we stay here." "Not so, my dear friend, not at all so.

"No, sir; I brought no letters," replied Corny, and, more than before, he looked as though he was not enjoying his present visit. "No letters!" exclaimed Captain Passford, evidently surprised beyond measure at the apparent want of kindly feeling on the part of members of his brother's family in the South.

"Rason! what's that about rason?" said Father Jos: "I hope faith comes before rason." "And after it, too, I hope, Father," said Corny. Father Jos finished his punch, and went to sleep upon it. Ormond, next morning, paid his visit Dr. Cambray was not at home; but Harry was charmed with the neatness of his house, and with the amiable and happy appearance of his family. He had never before seen Mrs.

These trees have on them long bunches of blossoms, which smell deliciously. "Now, then," said I, "I think it's about time for us to be moving along. I'm beginning to feel about that Corny family as you do." "Oh, I only objected to the girl," said Rectus, in an off-hand way. "Well, I object to the father," said I. "I think we've had enough, anyway, of fathers and daughters.

Corny went ashore, but she did not stay there three minutes. From the edge of the wharf we could see that Silver Spring was better worth looking at than anything we should be likely to see on shore. The little lake seemed deeper than a three-story house, and yet, even from where we stood, we could see down to the very bottom. There were two boys with row-boats at the wharf.

I had nine from the boys at home, not to count those from the family. We had just about finished reading our letters when Corny came up to us to the silk-cotton tree, where we were sitting, and said, in a doleful tone: "We've got to go home." "Home?" we cried out together. "When?" "To-morrow," said Corny, "on the 'Tigress." All our good news and pleasant letters counted for nothing now.

You hear the ice grinding on the shore; a sign that everything is going down stream. God send that the waters break through, ere long; though they may sweep all before them, when they do come. I fear me, Corny, that Herman Mordaunt and his party are lost!" "Merciful Providence! can it be as bad as that! I rather hope they have reached the land." "That is impossible, on the course they took.

I didn't know that Rectus had such a bloodthirsty style of mind; but there were a good many things about him that I didn't know. When he came back, he loaded the rifle, which was a little breech-loader, and began eagerly looking about for game. Corny had been on the upper deck; but in a minute or two she came running out to us.

"You are not going in, are you, ma'am?" she uttered, in apprehension, as Miss Carlyle began to steal on tip-toe to the inner-door, and Joyce had a lively consciousness that her sight would not be an agreeable one to Lady Isabel. "They want the room free; they sent me out." "Not I," answered Miss Corny. "I could do no good; and those who cannot, are better away." "Just what Mr.

If there were hounds and hunting, now, as there are at home, you should never hear of me at a cock-fight, I can assure you." "I must say I do not approve of cock-fights," rejoined my mother meekly; "and I hope Corny will never be seen at one. No never never." "Dere you're wrong, Matam Littlepage," the Colonel remarked, "for ter sight of ter spirit of ter cocks wilt give ter boy spirit himself.

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