UTILITY of apparent love and apparent friendship between married partners, for the sake of preserving order in domestic affairs, 271, and following, 283. VAPOR. From reason it may be seen that the soul of man after death is not a mere vapor, 29. VARIETY. There is a perpetual variety, and there is not any thing the same with another thing, 524. Heaven consists of perpetual varieties, 524.

St. Rates for bread and wine were commonly so levied. See supra, p. 78 and note 80. See p. 80 supra and note 87. Houghton-le-Spring Acc'ts, Surtees Soc., lxxxiv, 271 . Binney, Morebath Acc'ts, 34 . Ibid., 85 . According to the 22 Hen.

Rau, who examined the collection of these authors, says: Having seen the best specimens of "mound" pottery obtained during the survey of Messrs. Squier and Davis, I do not hesitate to assert that the clay vessels fabricated at the Cahokia Creek were in every respect equal to those exhumed from the mounds of the Mississippi Valley, and Dr. Hist. La., vol. 2, 1753, p. 271; Adair, Hist. Am.

The largest number of applications for purchase in any one year was 6,195 for £2,271,569 in 1887, and the average price for all the holdings bought under these Acts was £396. When the sums provided by the Ashbourne Acts were exhausted, Mr. Arthur Balfour carried the Act of 1891, subsequently amended by the Act of 1896. Under these Acts the landlord was paid in stock instead of cash.

From 1849 to 1857, inclusive, the net exports of specie amounted to $271,000,000; from 1858 to 1860, inclusive, to $148,000,000, and from 1861 to 1867, inclusive, $322,000,000 making the aggregate of net exports since 1849 $741,000,000. These figures show an excess of product over net exports of $433,000,000.

He has received the degree of LL.D. from Bowdoin College and Harvard University 27, 42, 136, 271, 224, 373, 377, 380, 394, 412, 419, 431, 432, 453, 456, 540. WILLIAM E. FINCH was born in Ohio in 1822, and at the age of twenty-one was admitted to the bar. In 1851 he was elected to the State Senate.

And if Duehring in his misapplication of Rousseau's theory of equality, operates with his two victorious men, he having lost his feet, falls, of necessity into the arms of the negation of the negation. The conditions under which the equality of the two men flourishes and which is set forth as an ideal condition is shown on page 271 of the Philosophy as the original condition.

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Under the strain of those incursions the Roman legions withdrew by degrees into Moesia, and in A.D. 271 Dacia was finally evacuated. But the colonists remained, retiring into the Carpathians, where they lived forgotten of history. Unaccustomed to mountain life, they did not penetrate beyond the plains between the Carpathians and the Dnjester.