Certain Spiders, while they do not actually sew in the sense that they perforate the leaves they use to build their nest, and draw the thread through them, yet subject the leaves to an operation which cannot well be called anything else but sewing it. McCook describes, and gives good illustrations of, these nests in various stages of progress, American Spiders, vol i. p. 302.

In both houses she was doubtless treated with all respect, and she must have occupied a position in them something between that of a paying-guest and a lunatic living in the private house of a doctor not that there was any lunacy in the mind of Lady Elizabeth. Quite the contrary! XCII, No. 101, 23rd July, 1617. Campbell, Vol. I., p. 300. Campbell, Vol. I., p. 301. Ibid., p. 302.

Sheridan, on the rout of his party that ensued, to find himself safe in his seat for Stafford once more, and the following document, connected with his election, is sufficiently curious, in more respects than one, to be laid before the reader: R. B. Sheridan, Esq. Expenses at the Borough of Stafford for Election, Anno 1784. 284 Burgesses, paid L5 5 0 each................L1,302 0 0

I must speak to No. 302 first, and I must speak to him in the presence of yourself and Gyuri." The detective's deep gravity was contagious. Dr. Orszay had sufficiently controlled himself to remember what he had heard in former days, and just now recently from the district judge about this man's marvelous deeds.

In a more refined age the image becomes simply a symbol, a visible representation serving to fix the attention and recall divine things. Different races also differ in the extent of their demand for such representations of deity. +302+. Stones and rocks, like other natural objects, are starting-points for folk-stories and myths.

But at noon we were rewarded for all discomfort by finding that we had run 298 sea, or 343 land miles, in 24 hours, and that between 8.14 yesterday and 8.15 to-day we had made 302 knots, or 347 land miles nearly 350 miles in the 24 hours under very snug canvas, and through a heavy sea.

The dale narrows up at its highest point, but the road is enclosed between grey walls the whole of the way over the head of the valley. A wide view of Langstrothdale and upper Wharfedale is visible when the road begins to drop downwards, and to the east Buckden Pike towers up to his imposing height of 2,302 feet.

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Nevertheless, the efforts of the "borough-mongers" were all but successful, and after only two nights debate the bill passed its second reading by a bare majority of one, 302 voting for it, and 301 against it.

This prince was killed in 302 by the prince of Ch'ang-sha, who in turned was killed in 303 by the prince of Tung-hai. The prince of Ho-chien rose in 302 and was killed in 306; the prince of Ch'engtu rose in 303, conquered the capital in 305, and then, in 306, was himself removed. I mention all these names and dates only to show the disunion within the ruling groups. 4 Migration of Chinese