"Trophies!" said Genifrede. "You mean heads: heads with their trailing hair;" and her face worked with horror as she spoke. "But it is not for the whites to shudder, after what they did to Oge, and have done to many a negro since." "But they think we do not feel as they do." "Not feel! O Christ!

The old man continued to walk round and round, fingering a dumb tune on his fiddle that he did not bow, while the sunlight glistened hot and bright in his unwinking eyes; there was a faint smile on his lips, he heard as little as he saw; it was evident that he was away where "beyond these voices there is peace," in the fairy country that his forefathers called the Tir na'n Oge.

"Ah, acushla oge," replied the woman with a profound sigh, "that prayer's too late for me; anything else than a heavy and sorrowful heart I've seldom had: for the last twenty years and upwards little but care and sorrow has been upon me. "Indeed, one might easily guess as much," said Mave, "you have a look of heart-break and sorrow, sure enough.

Reply led to rejoinder, and one epistle to another, until all the chief bards of the four provinces had taken sides. Half a dozen writers, pro and con, were particularly distinguished; McDaire himself, Turlogh O'Brien, and Art Oge O'Keefe on behalf of the Southerners; O'Clery, O'Donnell, the two McEgans, and Robert McArthur on the side of the North.

Every year, since the revolution, the harvests had been richer; and this was the crowning year. "Yes," said Madame Oge: "we have heard a great deal of all that; and I fancy we have nearly heard the last of it."

"It is but seldom that she does," said the abbess, "and it is our part to make her welcome." "But seldom, indeed, reverend mother. When all goes well when the crops are fine, and the island all at peace, no one hears of Madame Oge. She keeps within her coffee-groves " "Mourning her sons," interposed the abbess.

In this most important battle no O'Donnell is found fighting with King Brian, though immediately afterwards we find Donnell Oge of Tyrconnell endeavouring to subjugate Tyrone, and active afterwards in the aid of his cousins, the grandsons of Cathal Crovdearg, in Connaught.

Of the real personages, several were probably very unlike what I have represented them. I knew the names of some, without knowing their characters; as in the instances of Placide and Isaac, Messieurs Pascal and Moliere, Mars Plaisir, Madame Oge, the Marquis d'Hermona, Laxabon, Vincent, and Paul.

"Lamh Laudher Oge, listen ax the father of you, when you see him, what has become of his own child of the first that ever God sent him; an' listen again when he tells me what has become of mine, I'll tell him what has become of his, Now go to Ellen but before you go, let me cuggher in your ear that I'll blast you both. I'll make the Lamh Laudhers, Lamh Lhugs.

Meelmul started again, and the crone could perceive by his manner that the nature of the communication she was about to make had been already known to him, though not, she was confident, in so dark and diabolical a shape as that in which she determined to put it. "Lamh Laudher Oge!" he exclaimed; "surely you don't mane to say that he has any bad design upon Ellen!