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Dulac uttered a gulping gasp and closed his eyes, that had been unwinking, closed his eyes a moment, and with their closing the tenseness went out of him and he sagged downward so that his body rested on the desk. Bonbright shoved himself back and leaped to his feet. "Hilda..." he said, and his voice was tired; the voice of a man who has undergone the ultimate strain. "I've found her.

He looked at the semicircle of bold, unwinking headlights, heard the low purr and mutter of the steam mounting in the gauges scornful hisses of contempt as a slack valve lifted a little and would have given a month's oil for leave to crawl through his own driving-wheels into the brick ash-pit beneath him. .007 was an eight-wheeled "American" loco, slightly different from others of his type, and as he stood he was worth ten thousand dollars on the Company's books.

The man threatening the puma slipped out through the door behind him. The door closed. Betty and the animal were alone. The great cat lay down and looked at her with its hard, unwinking eyes, only its slow tail moving back and forth like a bit of mechanism clock-regulated.

But they're gone. Five big steers." For a moment their eyes, Steve's as hard as Barbee's, held steady and unwinking in a deeply probing gaze. "Barbee," said Steve after a little, "remember the night Blenham tried to bribe you with a thousand-dollar bill?" Barbee flushed and nodded. "I get you," he said quietly. "Think he's bought me up, maybe?" "I don't know what to think.

The most polite, as well as agreeable travellers are those who will smilingly devour mouse-pie and bird's-nest soup in China, dine contentedly upon horse-steak in Paris, swallow their beef uncooked in Germany, maintain an unwinking gravity over the hottest curry in India, smoke their hookah gratefully in Turkey, mount an elephant in Ceylon, and, in short, conform gracefully to any native custom, however strange it may appear to him.

The snuff itself, however, was of the superior quality known as Sicilian in those days, and was of a beautiful light brown colour. "And why?" asked the doctor very slowly, between the operations of pinching, stuffing, snuffing, and dusting. "Why is the world come to an end?" Stefanone's eyes grew sullen, with a sort of dull glare in their unwinking gaze.

She had meant only to glance, but she found herself staring into eyes that stared back from the other side of the counter. That wide, unwinking scrutiny filled her whole vision. For an instant she saw nothing but the dance of scintillant pupils. Then, with a little gasp she clutched at her companion's arm. "Oh, Harry!" His glance came quickly round to her. "Why, what's the matter?"

In its low lurking-place beside the hubbub of the recurring ebb and flow, it seemed to watch, like an unwinking eye, for the coming of curious and baleful fates. But it never fell to the Scotchman's fortune to behold his treasure close at hand. To the hill-top he had to go whenever he would gloat upon its beauty.

There are those who speak lightly of this small aqueous expanse, the eye of the sacred enclosure, which has looked unwinking on the happy faces of so many natives and the curious features of so many strangers. The music of its twilight minstrels has long ceased, but their memory lingers like an echo in the name it bears.

Again that hollow stillness: no sound, no movement; only those two unwinking eyes fixed on him immovable. At length a small voice from the fireside broke the quiet. "Drunk the leetle swab!" Again a clammy silence, and a life-long pause. "I thowt yo' was sleepin'," said David, at length, lamely. "Ay, so ye said. 'Sleepin' it aff'; I heard ye."